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New Update Patch 1.05 CoD WW2 - Buffs and Nerfs!!! No SMG Buff??? Call Of Duty WWII


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Nice vid sir... :D


IMO the SMG's could defiantly use a little buff on damage but I think everything kinda evens out as it should.You give up some quickness and maneuverability by using the AR's but get it back by switching to a SMG class but you sacrifice some damage and range.


And I agree the BAR was and is a great gun.But again IMO I've always thought when it come's to nerfing and buffing weapons in any COD it's not necessary.And I say that because as long as everyone has access to all the same weapons across the board, it's even.If someone feels something is OP then they should just use that weapon and then they're on an even playing field.


That's where the pay to win stuff comes in,all the supply drops people pay for should just be cosmetic...no weapons.And IMO that would solve a lot of the issues with having to buff and nerf guns for the entire year.Put everyone on a level playing field weapons wise and the devs could save themselves some time but it would cost them money and that's why they won't do it.


Again just my opinion.But I'm still loving the game on P2P hosts... ;)

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