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Leased Line


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there are only so many people who game that have this type of connection.. probably the best you can get. Although its a superb connection, you are essentially paying what the whole neighborhood would pay for access to the node. say you have 25 houses on your block. that more or less all feed to the same node.. you would have to pay for all of those houses internet plus yours.. surely the costs is in the thousands per month. so its either you pay for all of it, or it is SPLIT into people that live around you which is why you get the price of around $60 a month depending on what u have,  Essentially it is like the route in your home. everyone in your home connects to that, and if everyone is using at once, then your connection can become slow. this is the same for the node that your neighborhood is connected to.  this is why you see hardly any residentials owning a dedicated line. businesses tend buy these or lease them. which now is a fibre line since they would have to run new cable or wiring to the location. hopefully fibre makes its way to existing neighborhoods because you transfer data so fast through fibre that local node congestion will become a thing of the past.

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