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Putting R1 in DMZ with BT HH5?

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Hi all,


I've just set up the R1 and most things seem to be working fine (I'm no computer expert)


Only thing I'm struggling with is when I click on the Device Manager tab it's advising I put the router into DMZ as I have a moderate NAT type on the PS4.


I know how to put things in DMZ as I've done this before for the PS4 however it says make a note of the WAN IP (which I've done) and then insert that IP into the HH5 however I don't get an option to type anything in.  I've only got a drop down box of devices connected to slect from and nothing looks like an IP address.


My set up is - BT Home Hub 5 then the R1 goes into Port 1 on the router.  I've disabled wireless on the HH as I read somewhere before that's better to do. All devices are now plugged into the R1 or wireless to R1 and all is working fine.


On the drop down box on my HH settings I can obviously rule out the one's I know what they are like PS4 and an IP and mobile phones. The 2 options I'm left with have these ID's - udhcp-1-17-1-f0-4f-7c-67-3d-16 and udhcp-1-17-1-f0-4f-7c-67-3d-16 


Would one of these be the R1 as it doesn't have any IP address like what the Netduma device page says?

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