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infinite warfare xbox one ports


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Edit: Psycho said 3074 isnt being forwarded on ps4 either via upnp. so just adding that as a fyi for anyone that reads this also


Heyas, just general/off topic post about what happened on my setup, not a tech/tech support post


top TL;DR port 3076 troubles. CODIW probably doesn't nicely upnp request port 3076 to be forwarded, manually do it


Opened game and the bottom of the multi player screen to the left of (Y) Friends it said moderate nat.

Reboot console, reboot router.

R1 upnp screen has 3074 like normal

CODIW says moderate nat

R1 upnp screen still says 3074


take a look and see there's assured udp traffic on console:3076 also some unreplied dport console:3076

manually forward 3074-3080 (xbox nat, bo3, and iw ports and some +1's in case it tries higher) to the console, apply, reboot console and r1 to make sure it's all flushed


upnp gets 3074 as usual (if only forwarding 3076)

launch codiw, there's no text about moderate nat and all the 3076 connections were assured with no unreplied.


delete the port forward, apply, reboot r1 and console

launch codiw and no moderate nat text, all 3076 were assured

played one game, nat moderate happened again straight after that

added the port forward back again 3074-3080 (xbox nat, bo3, iw, plus extras)


nat is open again with manually forwarded 3076


TL;DR port 3076 udp may need manual forwarding to avoid moderate nat codiw xbox one, and port 3074 udp on ps4

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hi I just came across your post and I have the same issue, I am going to try 3076 now

edit: port 3076 worked. thanks.

just to jump in on this I am unsure why upnp does not port forward properly and requiring me to manually port forward

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