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Browser cache dependent settings...

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Why is it that the Netduma has to rely on cookies for a specific browser in order for the settings to remain constant?  So I normally use Chrome, as suggested in the past, now everything is setup the way it should be but if I open Firefox. Every setting is back to default.  So how is this possible?  Why are the settings not saved to hardware and if so then why do they appear to be totally different from browser to browser?  I have never experienced a GUI interface for any device from cheap Wal-mart Belkin crap to Ubiquiti ER8-Pro that had such a clunkyand/or wishy washy GUI.  It makes me wonder if this is the exact reason so many of us have issues with the router "holding" settings or having to reboot.  I cannot count the amount of times I have went into the router GUI and disabled the VPN only to find it enabled a few days later in the same browser mind you. 


Don't get me wrong, I love my netduma, it's a great step forward for gamers.  Game developers could give two shits if your actual gaming experience is worth the cost of the game. They only care if you LOVE the game release trailers enough to buy to game a billion times over. I just would like to see what the router dev team could do if they weren't constantly second guessing the interface and patching holes. But that being said, I guess really with this type of advancement you will always be juggling chainsaws LOL. Between users who don't know basic network/pc skills and Game developers constantly changing things it is sure to be a wall of stress. Where can I donate?

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