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R1 Settings assistance (to Iain)

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Hello dear Iain,my name is Paveloony,I am from Israel and i am a what you call an "Early Adopter".

Since i've got the router (about 3 months ago) i've been trying different settings to find the optimal one for me.

I have also tried to contact you before in order to get your assistance for that matter,however,

till this day i can't find this router to be useful.

I have many questions on different topics,but the most important for me now ,is to get the full potential of my R1,

to see where should i go from here.

The thing is that i quite playing CoD for two weeks now,do to the very poor connection,

and that after 8 years of consistency and dedication to this game.

This router is my last hope to make things work properly.

From other users i know,that there is a possibility for you to connect to my machine and make necessary adjustments 

in order to make the router perform at its best.


Please let me know if such a session is possible.



My Statistics (from speedtest.net) 


Download speed = 41.75 mbps

Upload speed = 3.04 mbps

Ping=17 ms (inside country)


My R1 is connected to D-Link DSL-7850U

My R1 is updated to version 1.03.2


My other questions:


1) When prioritising my PS4 via Anti-Flood/Device Prioritisation (share excess checked) to 65 for example my PS4 is still lagging. Why?

2) When prioritising my PS4 via Anti-Flood/Device Prioritisation (share excess checked) to 65 for example my PS4 have less upload/download speed,

    For example: When Device Prioritisation is equal (Reset Distribution) My PS4 showing the same statistics as above,when prioritised there is a

    huge drop in numbers. Why?

3) When Down/Upload Caps at 100% my PS4 showing the same statistics as above.When i am changing it to 90% (both equal) ,again,

     there is a huge drop. Why? (it's just 10% less)

4) When "Home Location" Is correct (Israel) I can't find games with in 2000 km radius.When i change my "Home Location" to, for example: Greece

     with radius of 1000 km, i can find a lot of games but getting kicked out of the lobby time after time.....  Why?

5) I want to know if i am the only person from my area using this device,if not, am i the only person from my area having this issues?


P.S.    I know that you are very busy this days,but i am crossing my fingers wishing you are here.


          Thank you.



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  • Netduma Staff

If you would like help adjusting and sorting out your settings I would be happy to help you in chat :)


Answers to your questions:


1) Bandwidth doesn't mean a lot in gaming. It was probably a high ping which hopefully you can sort out with correct settings.


2) Which device are you testing the bandwidth on?


3) Again, are you testing the bandwidth on the PS4? The PS4 (and Xbox) test is very unreliable. I recommend doing the test of a wired connection to the router of a PC on http://Speedtest.net.


4) Well I guess there is a low player count in Israel. When you get kicked out of the lobby is there a padlock symbol? Could you take a screen shot when this happens.


5) I don't know the answer - its pretty cool the router is in Israel though.


And finally, the support team is usually always here. But they are at an event in the UK at the moment so support from them is limited. I am happy to help you the best I can though - I can't do everything like they can but if I know the answer I will help you. Could you provide the screen shots from here so we can help you with the lag? :)

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  • Netduma Staff

I'm just adding a quick update to this :) I spoke with Paveloony in chat and had a look at his GeoFilter. Because of where he lives it is just an issue with player count. We discussed and he decided that he would prefer to spend a while searching for a game and for it to be less laggy (it was about 80-100ms). I think ping assist was set at about 50ma and the GeoFIlter was set at about 1500-2000Km.


I finally suggested that if he was still having issues that he could put himself in the Ocean and set the ping assist to something he was happy with (perhaps 50-60ms) and see if games were any better like that.


Hopefully you are getting better games - let me know if you are because I would be interested to know what is working for you as you are in a place with such a low player count :)

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Guest Netduma_Iain

Thanks Crossy,


Paveloony let me know how you get on please. I think your main issue is your location, the population count is too low. It maybe better to go to UAE, we have quite a few people using it there. 

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