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Cannot connect to friends in USA


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Hi yall, I have been having no problems for a few days now but this evening I tried joining friends from over the pond, USA and Canada.

I have had no problem with this before I simply disable the geo filter (i have already allowed them anyhow) and they invite me. No problem.

Tonight we tried them hosting and inviting me and no dice. Neither could invite me and I could not receive messages fro them either.

Tried switching everything off and still no dice,

The only way I could game with them was if I invited them, or if I invited them and then made them host. (AW)

I am aware that SHG Activision etc are looking into mm issues with uk players getting mostly USA or Mexican hosts so wondered if that may be the issue that they are stopping UK players connecting to US hosts????

Any advice welcome


Oh and no problem at all with chat party

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