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host all afternoon YAY!

toby jugs

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so, i thought i'd have a little mess about with stuff and i remembered someone else posted a thread about how to get a player host and not a dedi by moving home location , setting the geo filter radius to minimum and then changing it to the whole world...... so props to the that guy who posted!


i put my home location about 150km off the righthand side of iceland turned ping assist off and searched for a game of tdm on AW. as soon as a load of triangles appeared i maximised the radius and presto.


initially i thought i'd got that blasted french server but wait a minute.......lots of big pulsating red circles for me for the entire session


somehow hit detection got an upgrade even though 3/4 of the lobby were on 1 and 2 bars the whole time.



i played about 20 games in this lobby and i'm pretty sure i hosted the lot, i wasn't beasting that many games but i didn't even go close to negative once either.



fingers crossed it'll happen next time i play too LOL






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