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Hardware NAT


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-Feature Request

    * Hardware NAT

       - may offer upto 800 Mbps throughput on WAN port

      - offload Network Address Translations to side chip


I know this is asking a lot since a driver has to be written and a hardware NAT has to be in the router.

openwrt has not supported hardware nat and might never will,if netduma get around this task then thats awesome



some Switches contain a functionality called "Hardware NAT"; support for this features has not yet been included into OpenWrt. Since the CPUs used in CPE Routers are relatively slow, expect 2 to 4 times performance gain if you were to use Hardware NAT, e.g. without hardware NAT some router could achieve 400Mbit/s at full CPU load, with hardware NAT it could achieve 900Mbit/s at full CPU load. OpenWrt developer is supposed to have said, that implementing HW-NAT support would be unacceptably hacky to accomplish

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Guest Netduma_Iain

Yes this is going to be like at least 1-2 weeks of development time(including testing). So it won't be till main issues have been developed and features that are popular are developed. 

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