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EU Players: Leverage Dbl XP to find some good hosts


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Howdy guys - I have been working with a few of the EU players this past week, mostly in the Shoutbox and almost all of it centers around where they can play and avoiding the Irish dedi on XB1.


I was fooling around with more than a few items last night and I got to thinking.  Double XP is coming on line, this is a fantastic opportunity to gather some intel.


Here is what I am suggesting.  Anyone that is playing and wants to assist certainly can, we would LOVE the assistance, but this is mostly for my guys in the chat who can't get some love from that lone dedi.


I'd like a couple of you to explore leaving 'Show Dormant Hosts" ticked on the Geo screen.  With what I expect to be a large increase in the gaming population, we MAY have a situation where other dedis (be they overflow, or partially active, whatever) may come on line.  


"How is seeing a dormant host even going to help JD, it's dormant?"


That's a great question, and my only response is this:  We know what isn't working.  We need to think outside of the box to try and tackle this from another direction.  If we can find other hosts that come online with higher player counts (overflow boxes), that would be a great start. 


But what if some boxes have been added recently and haven't been activated yet?


I was working with Im Sallad (shout out to Sallad as he was running a lot of tests for me this week, *respect dude, you rock!) and he was able to capture this new image this very morning (Friday).




We haven't seen these before, so maybe this is new, or maybe it's in prep for the upcoming busy weekend??  


I honestly don't know, but I would like to try and use what they are giving us to try and get some other gaming options. 


Any information would be helpful.  

  • Good servers that play well (with or w/o the ID of the box) 
  • Pictures of locations(mapped areas) where you are getting good hosts - A "Camp this server" library if you will
  • Large collections of players that are hosting good P2P games

Really any good information would be beneficial.  


Post up any good leads you have in here and I will put them together into one helpful post for future reference.


While no one is going to be able to solve this ass kicking problem alone, maybe the #DumaArmy can pool our resources to make a little more bearable.



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Hi Dillinger.. This is my result after days of tests!

I live in north Italy , i put my home location in middle europe and geofilter set to exclude dedis.. PA set to 0

In every session i spend half an hour to stabilized the connections ( Host migrations , kick out lobby , find players )..All people in the lobbies are Italians..

After half an hour , the connection is perfect , last night i found a lot of excellent lobbies , with 35 / 40 ms ping , but only with italians people..

When i return home i ll post a photo of my geofilter..

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