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How is you XB1 setup?

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I just wanted a few forum members to tell me how they have there XB1 settings.


The ones I'm most interested in are Anti-Flood #'s and Flower are you putting any extra bandwidth on up or down and what %.


Are you using hyper traffic and adding to upload or download on the flower?


Do you ever actually untick share access?



Any feedback would help me out a bunch!

Thanks Duma Army :)

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Well, for Black Ops 3, which I just currently started playing again after learning how to defeat the horrid, repulsive lag comp, I'm not using the Duma. I learned of other methods which are legal, no hacking, and no bandwidth throttling required. For Halo 5 however, I use the Duma and achieve great results with certain settings.

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Congestion Control settings will be pretty much a trial and error for your house situation.  


If you don't have much internet traffic while you are gaming, you won't need much of the sliders. (90%-95%) should cover it.


If you have a lot of internet traffic in your house while you are gaming, you will need to use more slider (70/70) or even greater.  This is where checking for Bufferbloat can be helpful, but don't obsess about it.


With the new Hyper Lane, I don't really believe there is need for heavy device prioritization.  The Hyper Lane is giving "head of the queue" service to all your gaming packets, it doesn't get much better than that friends.


If you are paranoid, you can set your XB1 to double the other numbers on the flower.  I'm not sure it's going to change a lot for you, but if you are skeptical you can do that without penalizing too much of the household. :)


I always have share excess ticked, as gaming does NOT require a lot of bandwidth.  






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So my setup is dependent on my speeds. I get 180 down and 12 up. In bandwidth I have 170 and 12. I don't know why I put 170 but that where it is. On the CC page I run 60 on down and 90 up. this gets me A+ on bufferbloat on BB and Quality. On the flower thing a ma bob well lets just say I don't touch it and leave it share excess.(I really haven't tried dicking with the thing). Hype traffic I have xbox live (though I haven't noticed any difference since adding, probably this is more for home congestion). Geo I usually camp texas and I live in NJ. It gives a steady 60ms ping and it works, I don't know why and really don't care as long as it works. The closer much lower ping servers suck for me. Last odd thing I got going on is MTU in Lan and wan I have at 1384. Can't remember when or why I changed to this but again its working so why mess with it. Hope this helps and if I forgot something let me know. 

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If anyone was curious about the other method I use for Black Ops 3, because the game has ridiculous and outrageous net code, I game on my Verizon Hotspot. For some reason, it's absolute beast! Then when my monthly Gig usage is about half gone, I switch over to an Xfiniti Wifi Hotspot next door at the pizza shop. For all other games, I ALWAYS USE MY NETDUMA!!!

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Thanks Duma Army.


Here are the settings I've been using. [They seem to work well with all games]

99% on both anti flood

30% up and down on flower

Hyper lane

50 PA

Distance (I used the cod profile witch put me at over 900miles) only for distance built my settings around it.

Strict mode unticked unless playing cod (this lets me connect to servers for other games like Gta5)


These settings give me an A A+ C ( I've tinkered alot, never could get an A+ for just bb)


I just wanted to compare what's been working for my Xbox to the community!


Thanks Duma Army

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