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Should SPECIALIST stay in CoD?


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Nice video.  From a business and general gaming community perspective, the specialists and exo abilities add something new to keep the COD series from getting stale or boring.   The specialist appeal to all especially the below to average players.  It gives them a limited advantage to compete with better players.  


From a personal experience, I find ways to use what is available to my advantage (i.e. perks, attachments, specialists, exo, abilities, etc.) and adjust my play style for what I have equipped and what others may be using.  


Pro:  Running war machine and getting 4-6 kills of team trying to cap the flag with just a few shots of the war machine, which quickly gets me my large streaks. Using kinetic armor or heat wave when quickly becoming confronted by multiple enemies at once. 


Con: Having said that, I get completely frustrated when a 2 kill / 30 death player comes around a corner and takes me and my teammates off streaks because he has played long enough to get his gravity spikes (most annoying and frustrating specialist).   

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