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Is COD becoming Pay to Play now?


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No different from the DLC, we pay to play those maps.

na it is dude its more like gambling.

if you buy dlc you get dlc, if you buy cod points to gamble on getting goodies you might get nothing.

one of the dudez on here spent $300 on cod points and did not get a single item from the supply drops.


i heard the best way is to buy a few points at a time and spend them then buy more and do the same again.


if you buy lots at once you and use them all in one go you likely wont get the stuff. + you can get the stuff with keys earned from playing

so play quick and easy game modes to stock up on free points.


but to be honest i am not fused on the effort it takes i am happy to use the guns we already have.

And the more folk that buy the points the more chance that this will become the norm or worse in all new cods.


,ali a had to buy thousands of cod points to get them, i dont think tmart bothered, drifter was against the idea in aw but

he has done this time around.

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I feel like I take a gamble with map packs all the time, first we really only get 3 new map packs and 1 refurbished map pack.


Then you have to hope they are good new maps which usually in each new map pack there is only 1 good new map.


Its either pay now for all or get screwed a little more if you buy them as they come out.

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It is really sad that we can't unlock items through challenges. These guys aren't far off from drug dealers. The map pack thing is a silly comparison because at that we all get the same maps. Weather they're good or not is irrelevant. The game it's self could be shit at purchase. Iol. I would buy a couple but I don't think I could get that stoned.

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agree with papacherry, how much do you have to spend to get the extra load outs and storage space?

this company have made billions out of us, the next thing you know they will charge us for the servers too


we buy a game thats a 2nd phase beta game at launch and they fix it as they go along but in this cod they are making it shitter with each patch

they buff guns that dont need it and nerf good guns, making smgs the same ads time as ars is a joke


and why do some people get lag comped and others don't? they don't tell us what we have to do/ask from are isp to stay on a level playing field.

and they dont even cover everything they buff or nerf in updates we have to find out from a nerd on youtube.


I tell you what would be awesome though, community made maps :) i spent a month making one for farcry2 and people loved playing on it :)

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