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Netduma for two players under the same roof/network

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Hi all,


Netduma works very well!  However, it does poorly to find matches when my brother and I are playing under the same Netduma network.  However, if we are not in a party we are able to find matches more quicker and able to enter the lobby without one of us (or both) being kicked out immediately.  In a party with him, matchmaking takes longer and we often get kicked before we're able to enter a lobby (or it'll give us a message how one of the party member could not connect). 


This is me http://codtracker.net/aw/player/psn/disguisedlimit


This is my brother http://codtracker.net/aw/player/psn/Box_of_Turtles


We joked that maybe the matchmaking algorithm has a hard time placing us into skilled lobbies together around us (Texas).  Obviously not, because we could play together easily without Netduma, albeit with lag.



I have both his PS4 and mine listed in device manager and they are both running PlayStation PA and have the button below say Disable (meaning both are enabled).


Any ideas why we are having such troubles finding and starting a match together?  It's just two of us in a party.  We are under the same roof and network.





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