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New Marshal 16 gun - mini killstreak clip


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Just a quick clip of the new Marshal 16 gun that I snagged form a rare supply drop last night.


I'm running it with long barrel and fast mags. I've finally unlocked akimbo for it and it's essentially the Model 1887's from MW2 with slightly less range - a lot of people were raging when I killed them with it!


Probably my new go to gun for Skyjacked/Combine.



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that kill at :12 was fucking incredible


When I got that kill... that's when I knew I had to share this clip!


I've found you get way more kills with the Marshal 16 if you hipfire only with it. Fast hands, scavenger and akimbo turn this pistol into something else.


You hear people say, 'the new guns aren't OP'. I beg to differ. If you use this one correctly... you can go ham on people.


That kill at :12 is proof ;)

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