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Geofilter being weird

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So after I upgraded to .6 , almost all of the hosts from Australia are gone , except for 1

Not sure if it's a bug or not


Also been having tons of errors trying to connect to BO3 online , occasionally I can get online , but I've only been online twice in 8 hours since the upgrade.
Errors I get are like: AB...........FG etc etc


Anyways , here's a picture of my geo-filter

It tries connecting to hosts outside of the range , so I enabled strict mode




This is more of a 'note' to the admins / developers , more than a support request.


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Third update , I can't find a single game
I keep being put in a lobby by myself , I have the geo-filter disabled too , ping assist at 300ms


I think update 1.03.6g killed my netduma :(




Got into one game and as the game was loading in , I got booted from the match.
it says 'Analysing match 0/50, finds nothing and puts me in my own lobby...




Same thing happened as above , got into a match after banning a dedi , almost loaded in , and then booted before getting into the match.
"Server disconnected - Timed out"


Getting strict NAT type too , and when I try to reconfigure the network on PSN , I get an error at NAT sometimes.

"NAT type failed"

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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