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netduma iusse geofilter

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hi fraser i did everything that you explained to me. note that i did a software rest as it was not working before it brought me after booting up to my home location automatically and when i search for games everything is fine how it supposed to be. the problem is when lets say a freiend from uk and they complain about there connection i then change my home location wich is Toronto to so were in btween uk and toronto or any other place as home it starts to have iusses like ill get into games but it wont be were i set my new home to and it would not show anyone in side my geo filter range it would only show me blocking host in the usa area/toronto and still getting games were i the home is place it only works when i place in my home town no other home i set to wont work please let me know if the netduma is broken or maybe when i rest it it missed up.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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