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Need help...

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I have had the Netduma for a couple of months and I have noticed a few issues.


1. Black Ops 3 will revert to moderate NAT. When I reboot the Netduma and restart the game I will have Open NAT again. (Although, some times I swear the game plays better on moderate).


2. When I am connected to my company's VPN at work I will drop my connection several times a day


3. My Netduma will reboot and lose quite a bit of my settings, and I have to go back through and reset my bandwidth. Geo settings. Etc.



Now, I am getting 1gig fiber installed. 1 gig down, and 250 up. I will be getting fibe straight to the home.


I was thinking about getting a new wireless router that can handle broadcast the increased speeds. The 2.4 is very good in the Netduma, but I want everything as optimized as possible. Obviously at these speeds I won't need the congestion features as much. But I still very much want the ability to select my geo filter settings.


What would everyones recommendations be..


Modem-R1-wireless AP.. ?


Modem-wireless AP- R1 in a DMZ?


And how do you set all of this up, any tutorials.



Thanks You

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  • Netduma Staff

Hey :)


1) Make sure the GeoFilter is disabled when you start the game.

2) Are you connecting using software on your computer or the Netduma's VPN?

3) Are you on then latest version (1.03.5m)?


The best setup would be Modem >> Netduma >> Wireless AP.

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