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I am getting 1 gbps fiber to the house installed within the next couple of weeks. I won't have a need for congestion control. I will have plenty of bandwidth for all of my devices. So most of the features of the Netduma I will no longer need. I want to get an AC router to broadcast the 1 gig speeds throughout the house. But I still want to use the Netduma for Geofilter purposes. For some reason they like to put me on servers 600-1000 miles away over the Chicago dedicated servers 250 miles away. My games are always better on the Chicago servers. And I get 30ms pings on the Chicago servers vs 50-60ms on the east coast servers. I have found that 20ms with my play style is the difference between 24-20 and 35-10 or something.


How do I need to hook this up?


Factory Default the DuMA and put it in a DMZ in my new router? Will I just add more latency by going through the DUma to my new router to the modem supplied by the ISP..




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