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R1 and Black ops3


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Great game play and aim.  Did your back hurt after that game because you carried your team? LOL  I


had to laugh with sympathy at calling in your war machine only to be hit immediately with a HC-XD.   I am an HC-XD magnet.   I am not exaggerating in saying that 90% of HC-XDs find me.   My friends thought that I was joking, so we started keeping count every time one of us are killed by HC-XDs.   In most nights of game playing, I average around 8-9 deaths from HC-XDs while my friends have 0 or maybe 1.


Great shots with your war machine.


This game is why I love and hate BO3.  In most cases, you are melting enemies almost like it is hardcore.  In other instances, you are getting way too many hit markers.

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