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How to find the Hosts in Destiny


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 Since moving from Firefox to Chrome to access the R1 interface, I see a lot more large Green hoops within a game.


So my query is, how do I know if the Geo-Filter is set up correctly, as i feel mine isn't, by being able to identify where the Host/s are.


As a side note, has anyone with a settled Destiny setup, regards using the Geo-Filter effectively. Noticed anything differently these last few day? Like being brought into Lobbies that should be filtered out

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Hi, Crossy


 I've had Destiny set up for a few weeks now, which appeared to be working as well as could be expected. But after switching to Chrome I've been noticing that I'm in Lobbies like this - 




Also into games, where there is no Green hoop within my Filter. So I'm left wondering which is the actual hosts, so i can report a mis-located ID

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