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Quick question party lag!!!


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Ok a few suggestions are needed for me to test some stuff out.

During the day I have no problems with hit detection or connecting to games and everything works fine. 99% of my games connect to a dedicated host in South UK or France.

My problem is in the evenings. I will party up with a friend from East USA. I invite him (he is on my allow list) and off we go.

We will connect to the same servers and he has no problem at all topping the leader boards in nearly every game whereas I begin to lag badly. I mean unplayable lag. In the last 2 evenings my win loss ratio has dropped from 86% to 78% and KDR by .3

There will be maybe 2 games over 2 hours where he has a terrible game and I go stomping but for the most part I suffer.

Even when I break up the party and try on my own I have the same issues. (would rebooting the router help here)

Is there anything I can test that you can think of. (other than monitor the hosts and keep a diary as I am doing)

I am usually the only person on the net at that time

CC is set at 70% which gives my ps4 around 6 down and 1.6 up which is plenty.

PA set at 40 Geo filter set to cover UK and Northern Europe.

Could it be due to x2 XP weekend ?




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Guest Netduma_Iain

It could be XP weekend, but you say only you're suffering. Can you try running Internet Diagnosis tests at different times of day and night please. Record the results, maybe your line is over congested in evenings by neighbours. 

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