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Highly recommended... not really working

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Hello all,

I recently purchased a Netduma R1 router as I was told this product could eliminate my lag issues (Call of Duty online multiplayer, Xbox One). At first it seemed that it completely did the trick. First couple games were silky smooth and I was winning the appropriate gunfights, etc. However, I am now experiencing lag at times (just like before) and worse than that, the host filtering does not seem to be functioning. I just played a game where I had it set to a 350 mile radius and the host it connected me to was 1,692 miles away ... and out of country. The ping was between 50-70ms the whole match.
This was not a cheap product, but I was confident with the source who recommended it and excited to see if it worked as reported. I really hope there is a resolution to this issue as I don't want to return the router if i can get it to function correctly. Any thoughts or assistance would be great.
***Note that I am also experience slow wifi at times (never did on my older Netgear router). Currently the DSL cord plugs into the AT&T U-verse issued router and everything else (including my Xbox One) is plugged into the Netduma. 
Appreciate the help!
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Hi and welcome.  It would appear some basic settings might not be optimized for your particular needs out of the box.  Not to worry, this happens a lot.


First off, here are the official notes on how to deal with the Geo Filter


From the sound of your description I am guessing, because it just says Call of Duty, that this is in relation to Black Ops 3 specifically, or you have Ping Assist set at a number higher than 'ZERO'.


Let's start with this and we can work on the wifi once we get the basics back to working correctly for you.

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