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  1. successfully upgraded to J version, still didn't fix it though. just tried opening in Mozilla as well, no fix. =/
  2. great try but sadly, no =[ hopefully will have some time tonight to do the upgrade to J version.
  3. i'll have to try the upgrade sometime tomorrow. thanks
  4. sure, wont be til late tonight. it looks just like any other tab before all the info appears.
  5. sounds like the same problem, im not sure what username and passwords are being referred to. if they are in the VPN page, i can't access that
  6. unplugged router for a good 30 seconds, then did another factory reset. nothing =[
  7. using chrome, cleared the cache, still infinity buffer! i have to go to work now. will check back tonight
  8. experiencing infinity loading when trying to access the VPN tab. v1.03.6h thanks!
  9. Personally don't need another, but will gift to a friend! GL all
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