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  1. Some suggestions: Ok well I think it’s pretty much agreed that BO4 geo filtering isn’t working quite as expected. There’s a certain server in Greece (On Geo Filter) that plays like a dream for Blackout, my ping (UK based) ranges from 10-25 ms so I know it’s not really in Greece. I think the IP lookup gave me a UK based address. Anyway, unfortunately some other slower servers show up in that location, so my geo filter lets me access them. What I have been doing is adding the good servers to my Allow list, which is great but a little slow. I have to go to my PC every game and Add/Deny. My hope is that one day I will have added them all and just set ping assist to 0 and geo location in the middle of the ocean on the smallest size. What would be great is if I could add the first 4 letters of the server to the allow list which in turn would allow all servers with that first 4 characters; I think they start with 2def (I’m in work so not sure). Hope this make sense. Also, would it be possible to make the Allow/Deny list columns sortable?
  2. Blackout connection is nuts, I can't pin it down but I'm sure they just pretend to host locally then feed all the connections to a server in the USA. JFYI...The best server I can find for the UK is in Greece (Geo filter location) but the IP registers as the Netherlands... I think.
  3. I use the old firmware. I fixed it by removing my xb from geo filter...well I couldn't actually find an option to remove so I just swapped if for my phone. Rebooted netduma and re added xbox in the 2nd geofilter slot. Good luck, I feel your pain
  4. Oh I agree, definitely not cheating, we're just choosing a server. Either way it's no great shakes, at least I get to have a few good games before a reboot is required. On the other hand, without Geo-filter, I don't get any descent games, it connects to me servers all over the world so thanks. I would get less lag if I sent a Telegram of the word BANG! to the server. Cheers for the reply, looking forward to the update.
  5. Probably not but... I only play blackout, normally evenings and from the UK. Normal order of play: Set Geo filter to about 300km and place it over where I know the nearest low ping server is. London or Greece(I thinks it's a dutch server showing up in the wrong location). Strict mode on Boot up xbox,, start BOps and join Blackout game fairly quickly. I'm ok for 2/3 games then I struggle more and more to find a game. Reboot xbox and I can play 2/3 games again but then I'll struggle again. Repeat this process all night Just wondering if this is the case for anyone else? Maybe I'm paranoid but I thought Treyarch might be blocking me, all they see is my IP address rejecting all but my Geofilter location server. I can't think why unless I'm flagging a false positive on some ant-cheat algorithm. If I turn Strict mode off, I get place in dedicated servers all over the world. Cheers
  6. Had a Netduma for a while, never really post but I made the effort to reset my password just to express my disappointment. Poor comms and 2 years of misinformation. You've led us all on a merry dance!
  7. There's no update button but when I name a Dedi and press return it appears in Allow Deny. So just to clarify, Allow Deny is for blocking p2p connections only or can I use it for Dedi?
  8. Thanks for the reply I'm guessing I have to set ping assist to 0 too? I agree, there a plenty of solutions here surely;. I'm blue sky thinking but let's say a pop-up saying dedi servers blocked or a link to a separate page listing all the blocked dedi servers with tick boxes so can select and unblock, or an advanced button with warnings etc. Also, There are already plenty of options within Netduma that can mess up your gaming experience if you don't know what your doing, it's part of the deal that you have a basic technical background and most of us except that- it's not plug and play.
  9. The majority of servers are dedi to my knowledge. Great to a certain extent but if I connect to Ireland's dedi for R6, which is a bit hit and miss, sometimes I get a nice smooth connection sometimes I don't. The same applied to Battlefield 1 (server in Ireland, sometimes good sometimes bad) but then I realized that BF1 had an option to sort each game by ping and remember your fav server- lag sorted. Now on NetDuma if I hit a bad cluster or server within the dedi then I immediately want to ban that game. The only options I see is temp ban, great but I would have to repeat the process the next day for every dud server. The other option is 'allow and deny'. I've added my favorite Servers to the green area on 'allow deny' by naming them and pressing return but I can't find a way of telling Netduma to only allow servers in the green area, it always finds a different one. Sooooo.. Why only temp ban, the only answer I can find is that is messes up future gaming.. but why? And is there an option to only allow servers in the green area?
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