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  1. Hi Fraser - I just wanted to say thanks! Trying a different power adapter (from an old BT Hub router) works perfectly and there does not appear to be any damage to the NetDuma - I'm logged into the OS and using the router now to post this 🙂 Now to figure out the ideal settings for CODMW. Thanks again, keep up the great work.
  2. Hi, I've got a NetDuma R1 with DumaOS which I have had for several years and been satisfied with. However recently after a power cut at our home (and even though it's plugged into a surge protector) the R1 stopped working. Now when you turn it on all that happens is that the PWR light on the back flashes green continuously. There is no beep when you turn the R1 on and none of the Ethernet or other LEDs light up. When connected to a PC, the R1 is unresponsive and does not assign IP addresses. Please can you advise? I'd love to get the R1 repaired as I'm keen to avoid creating more e-waste. Thanks 🙂
  3. Unfortunately having previously said that a restart has fixed this problem, I booted up my PS4 today and this problem has returned. My router was already in filtering mode on settings that previously worked. However now when I try to join a game DumaOS flashes up with a server outside of my filtered range and then BO4 fails to allow me to join the lobby and I get the error. Screenshots attached. I will now try to reboot my PS4 and turn the Duma to spectate mode and back whilst the PS4 is switched off.
  4. I just wanted to sprinkle a bit of positivity on this subject. I had my R1 (with Beta DumaOS) in spectate mode and my PS4 was connected to a server in Los Angeles (according the map) and I live in London (approx 8,800KM away)!, I had >120ms ping (I have no idea why Treyarch / Activision would ever think this is acceptable) and was getting melted in BO4 by the enemies. I tried to change the settings with the game live to filter mode and I kept getting the "lobby not joinable" erroror. As suggested by Fraser & Jack, I put the PS4 into "Rest Mode" then changed the settings and the turned the PS4 on and reloaded the game and boom - immediately connected to a local server with a silky smooth 26ms ping. KD in the next game back to >2.5 and I'm back to being a happy camper :-)
  5. Hi, I've also been having some issues with Black Ops 4 on PS4 on the new Duma OS. I live just north of London, UK and on 1.03.6g I used to have the filter set super tight to ~500km and 35ms to ensure that I always got a UK server. However, if I try to run the settings this tight now (I believe you can only filter on geo not on ping anymore) then I simply don't get into a game. I did a bit of hand testing and posted the results below. Internet: Virgin 200Mbs Priority: PS4 moved to 100% priority in DumaOS Location: ~20miles north of London UK. Search for "Control" Game Mode. Saturday 20th October, tests started at 13:30. London, UK. Geo Filter on 1,007Km. Covers all of UK, France, Benelux, Denmark and Northern Germany. FAIL - Abandoned search after 2 minutes. Zero other lobby members. FAIL - Abandoned search after 2 minutes. 2 other lobby members. SUCCESS - Found full lobby after 1:01 minutes. Ping reported at between 29ms & 47ms during gameplay. Game playable. Geo Filter on 2,011Km. Covers whole of Europe up to north of Nordic countries, south of Italy and Russian border. FAIL - Backfilled into a game after 58 seconds wait. Ping not reported by DumaOS. Game crashed after 1 life. Error Code (CE-34878-0) SUCCESS - Found full lobby after 10 seconds. Ping 39ms - 55ms. Game playable. SUCCESS. Found full lobby after 12 seconds. Ping 39ms - 69ms. Game Playable. At end of game was unable to return to lobby as "Session no longer available". Geo Filter on 3,000Km. Covers whole of Europe, north Africa and Russia up to ~Moscow. SUCCESS. Backfilled into a game after 9 seconds. Ping 38ms - 48ms. Game Playable. SUCCESS. Found lobby of 10 players after 11 seconds. Ping 42ms - 55ms. Game Playable. SUCCESS. Backfilled after 6 seconds. Ping 45ms. Unable to determine if game was playable as it reach end of game after ~ 10 secs (Thanks Treyarch!). Search for "Team Death Match" Game Mode. Saturday 20th October, tests started at 14:40. London, UK. Geo Filter on 1,007Km. Covers all of UK, France, Benelux, Denmark and Northern Germany. FAIL - Got "The lobby is not joinable" message after 22 secs. FAIL - Got "The lobby is not joinable" message after 19 secs. FAIL - Got "The lobby is not joinable" message after 17 secs. I stopped at this point as this type of testing is dull and time consuming. As stated before I used to play COD WW2 on much much tighter settings with zero issues. I hope this info helps.
  6. Also, the R1 thinks that my iPhone (and other devices) are using a Wired connection, when they are using WiFi. I suspect that this is because I have disabled WiFi on the R1 and instead am using a BT Whole Home Mesh WiFi consisting of three WAPs, two of which are connected to my CAT6 network via a wired connection.
  7. Firstly, thanks for continuing to support the R1 and for developing DumaOS for it and for including me in the open beta. Rather than starting a new topic, I also wanted to report that I have this issue. I ensured that preserve settings was ticked and yet all the names of my devices were lost (except for my main PC that I completed the upgrade from). I attach a picture, Please Notes: before I took this screenshot I manually changed the names of two devices - the Study PS4 and my phone, by looking up the MAC address. I also rebooted the R1 to see if it would change anything, I don't think it has:
  8. There's a reasonable probability that NetDuma has been in discussion for months about being acquired by Netgear. It's a great fit for Netgear; they are a HW company and Netduma is really a software company (that delivers their software on a HW device). Certainly (having been involved in M&A several times) you would spend a lot of time with lawyers and Netgear might want to a) ensure that the device is properly backward compatible to meet EU / US consumer law requirements or (if you're cynical) have no intention on delivering DumaOS on the OG R1 and will quietly kill off the product after the acquisition. All of this is pure hypothesis, I don't have any inside info and so should be taken with a pinch of salt. Like the rest of you, I'm an OG R1 user and would really like to see DumaOS on it.
  9. Thanks it would be great to hear from Fraser if this is in the new OS or a future planned release
  10. Thanks for the swift response pollutionblues, at least I haven't been a total noob and missed the feature! Hopefully a member of the Netduma team can let us know if this is in the new OS.
  11. Hi, Most routers have a Dynamic DNS update feature, this allows you to enter your DNS login credentials, your router then updates the remote DNS service of your current IP. I have to run this service to gain remote access to my house alarm, it allows me to remote arm and disarm the alarm which is really important if you're miles away from home and the cat manages to set off the alarm. I use Dyn DNS. I've attached a screenshot of this DDNS feature on a TPLink router and also a desciption how to set this up is shown here: https://www.tp-link.com/us/faq-297.html I can't find such a feature in the current version of Netduma OS (i'm using R1 debug version 1.03.6g running on rb-951g-2hnd). Have I missed it, is it there? If not is this feature going to be in the new Netduma OS? Without this feature I have to run a DynDNS updater client on my PC and leave my PC switched on 24x7 which is costly from an electricity usage perspective and not great for the environment. Many thanks in advance for any help / advice given.
  12. Hi, I have so many devices on my home network, that the big circle GUI on the Netduma Congestion Control tab covers all of their names and I'm therefor unable to distinguish between them. This means that I can't do any network prioritisation - which is why I bought the Netduma. Any advice on how to fix this? Screenshot attached. Thanks in advance
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