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    Stealth_01 got a reaction from N3CR0 in ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0   
    Am I the only one that thinks not giving a completion date for the software is probably the best thing they could do right now? I think people have forgotten the endless amounts of shade and criticism the company had to face during the dumaOS release for the R1. Shit was insan, so i dont blame them for being so secretive.
    And if i was to guess when it will release, i'd probably say by the latter end of the year or early next year... just because of my past experiences with the company and timeframes. 
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    Stealth_01 reacted to Netduma Alex in ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0   
    My estimate would be long before that, but you're right, we're being secretive for now.
    We learned from past experiences that it's better to under-promise and over-deliver than to over-promise and under-deliver! Similarly, it's better not to promise a release date which we then have to miss because of an unexpected bug. Some of the new features we're adding are quite complicated, and have a high possibility of bugs being found during testing.
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    Stealth_01 reacted to Albo2001 in Cod bo4 lag   
    Welcome to BO4 
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    Stealth_01 reacted to RobReapz in Preemptive versus Reactive   
    I would never dream of going to such lengths to achieve a fair connection lol (however initial testing went well 😀). I have not done much testing with the latest cod tho as i dont game much these days mate because it simply isnt enjoyable anymore with all the bullshit that goes on plus the poor game design.
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    Stealth_01 reacted to HITM4N83 in Hybrid VPN Setup Please.   
    Netduma Team
    Can you guys please put up a guide on how to use  Hybrid VPN on the routers for non tech savvy members.If we go with other VPN services other than HMA and PureVPN,what should we do in detail,step by step and pin it for members so that the question doesn't get repeated.
    Thank you guys for your amazing services,keep up the great work.
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    Stealth_01 reacted to purpleandgold33 in BO4 Port Forwarding   
    No for both consoles. Upnp does the same thing. Just use that. I tried port forwarding for a bit on ps4. and felt like it was better play. But, it eventually went back to playing inconsistent. Game will always be that way if nothing has changed by now. 
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    Stealth_01 reacted to Netduma Admin in BO4 Port Forwarding   
    Here's the values the guys have found to work well: 
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    Stealth_01 got a reaction from Netduma Admin in BO4 Port Forwarding   
    Hi all,
    I know theres a post already regarding this, but for the life of me I just cannot find it.
    Could someone give me the values for the ports required to get an open NAT on ps4 for bo4.
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    Stealth_01 reacted to Zennon in PingPlotter results not what I expected..   
    Yes sometimes anything lower than a 2.5 can show packet loss when there is non in reality.
    The difference is not massive from your idle line to when you are saturating it, you have around 5ms of jitter when it spikes while Idle that jitter is only moving to 10ms max when saturated, where if you had no congestion control in may be in the 40-50ms range or higher.
    I personally think this looks ok for a line that has a bit of jitter to start with.
    Are any of the devices that are using bandwidth in the traffic prioritisation? as this will make larger spikes as the packets are prioritised.
    If you want I could team viewer in and run some tests for you tomorrow but I think you have nothing to worry about.
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    Stealth_01 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Netgear XR500 Upload speed...   
    There seems to be a new firmware available for the XR500 if you do a check on the router, we've had a report that the speedtest has been fixed on that firmware
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    Stealth_01 reacted to Netduma Fraser in This is something I wasn't expecting.. Thoughts?!?!   
    @Stealth_01 the cloud applies to all platforms at once, thats the good thing about it. 1 cloud, multiple platform rollout so all benefit from it.
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    Stealth_01 reacted to BIG__DOG in This is something I wasn't expecting.. Thoughts?!?!   
    No, not really, no clarification necessary as  this is a forum for Netduma not openwrt/lede.  Unless you know about ssl, telnet and how to install scripts then I advise you to stay away from openwrt. There's plenty souce material on the web and some youtube videos if you really want to find out more!
    here is their website: https://openwrt.org/
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    Stealth_01 reacted to xr500user in Netgear XR500 Upload speed...   
    I wouldn't worry about it as long as your upload is working and reasonably close to what you pay for.
    It could be anything really, there are so many players in the mix. It may be a netgear bug, it may be your isp playing games since they are loving the recent advances in packet inspection. they can tell whatever you are doing for example if its http traffic, vpn traffic, social media, or speed test traffic.  they could if they wanted put a cap on packets that are speed test if they are not going to your isp's own speed test server.  it could be the servers that were selected for the test have a bad relationship with your isp and are capping those packets, it could be network congestion, it could be a mis-configuration on your in house network or the modem the xr500 plugged into activating its QoS, etc, etc. you are sure when you run the test its just pc->xr500->provider modem/ont/cpe connected?  all the more reasons not to put any faith in the test.
    for example here verizon definitely knows when a speed test is run and it removes all packet caps when its going to their in-house server to give you the best result each time .. right after the test is done, isp qos starts again, lol.  if your one of those people who run speed test after speed test eventually it's going to limit you for a while somewhere some router AI will pick up on it.  ookla gets their revenue from all the ads around the speed test, so i'm sure they are paying something for it .. and if not that could be the reason why too, ookla said wtf you using our speed test for and not giving us a cut, heres your UL bw: 0. lol.
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    Stealth_01 got a reaction from Hornet in Netgear XR500 Upload speed...   
    Hi all,
    Been having a re-curring issue with regards to setting up my internet via the wizarf on the xr500.
    For some reason it doesnt seem to be able to detect the upload speed automatically.
    I constantly have to enter the values manually.
    When I first bought the router it worked flawlessly, both upload and download speeds were detected just fine.
    Any thoughts??
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    Stealth_01 reacted to xr500user in Netgear XR500 Upload speed...   
    I'm sure they are working on the new firmware, it's about that time for a release
    I didn't mean for you to take it as the gospel, just that duma OS does - it bases its whole functionality around these UL/DL #s. Just to give an example if the built in test detects 50/40 erroneously and you have a 200/200 - if you limit it to 70% with the sliders -- duma is going to cut the ul and dl by 30% (of the 50/40) when anti-buffer bloat is triggered (either always, or when high priority traffic is detected) this could severely impact performance, especially if its a user that has no idea what they are doing.. that's why I rather set the values then let the OS do it on a possibly flawed test. The settings are right there in the QoS area for UL/DL speeds to be set to whenever you want.
    An even better implementation (after defaulting to full 1000/1000 on initial first time setup) would be to give you an on-demand test in QoS so you can get an idea of what you truly pull, with a warning that it may not be accurate, and also when run it will disable all internet activity except for the LAN'd port/currently connected client (wifi) to the router during the test -- just temporarily pause all other internet traffic during the test (with a warning of course). Then you may get better / closer to true results with just router -> speedtest.net vs. a local device -> router -> speedtest.net with all other devices active possibly using your bandwidth at the time of the test.
    It's best to just set what you get UL/DL in the QoS area no matter what anyway - I would not trust this test to be accurate no matter how well they implement it, hence why I've ignored it from the start.
    I have a feeling ookla probably charges them something (maybe a few penny) each time the test is run -- so they might not want to give you on-demand testing (cheap?) And if they don't charge them they may be able to know that it's a netgear router test and do some sneaky sneaky to crap the result on you, lol. Just another reason I would not trust it.
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    Stealth_01 reacted to xr500user in DHCP bug thoughts ..   
    Great. hopefully they can figure out what's triggering this and squash the bug for good.
    It may have something to do with old modules being used in the modern day..  for example their miniupnpd 1.0 from 2003, my guess is they are probably using dhcpd from ages ago also.  one of the reasons why upnp can't report all the open ports unless the requester has been given an IP in the known DHCP pool. Static IPs outside the dhcp pool are invisible to the UPNP activity list.
    Sure they make the security patches that have come out over the years, but I do not know if they've updated or customized the modules code beyond the original releases other then just the security patches? Even so, reapply all the changes made to the latest version. They did document the changes and enhancements  // right //?
    Should consider different modules or at a minimum update to the latest releases and reapply the patches.  The latest versions have added functionality and many bug updates over the years -- I bet the latest dhcpd and miniupnpd can handle these situations much better. Although I think miniupnpd really hasn't had anything major since 2017 or earlier, I think new releases have stopped for quite some time?  There are other better upnp servers out there. Take some time to do some research to switch to another module that has better reviews and more support.  other routers are using the latest versions and voxels updates to the servers and libraries (for example) seem to provide better performance on the same hardware. Band-aids on ancient versions aren't the way to go.  Sure it may introduce new things to fix but clearly the choice to use older modules is starting to come back and cause issues - netgear needs to rethink this concept of just patching what 'used' to work well. The latest versions may even increase performance and give a better user experience as a side effect with only minimal work to patch everything back up to date. Most of the patches are already done anyway. 
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    Stealth_01 reacted to xr500user in Netgear XR500 Upload speed...   
    you should send a message to the engineers to probably change the way this feature works..
    if you think about it, it's a cool concept - but pretty unreliable.
    There's been times where I've manually used the ookla speedtest and I've gotten 200 down - as soon as I see these types of results I instantly hit refresh and choose a different server and then I'm getting 900+ down. Nothing tops the speed test from your own isp (or it shouldn't in theory) they always test out at their max. But even here something can go wrong.
    At a minimum it should do 3 tests and do an average (on different servers)  but also throw some sort of a note explaining that this may not reflect your actual speeds and could possibly effect your duma experience due to network congestion on your isp or the chosen testing servers side, and give the option to set your known speeds right then and  there at that time. ps. maybe it does this, I've never used it
    Duma does take the results of this initial test as the word of god, so if you happen to have a crappy test, now your anti bufferbloat limiters will limit even more the crappy results, lol.
    Preferably you should probably just do away with this and default to 1000MB and let the user decide their speed to start the duma experience in when they click the QoS area.  I know it's for the newbie users,  but most gamers are more techie then not. Seems like more problems then good come from this test, and rather err on the side of max bandwidth instead.  Once you get a feel for what you really get, then you can set the speeds and the sliders manually.
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    Stealth_01 reacted to Mement in XR500 Firmware Version (RELEASED)   
    Netduma Fraser here hijacking the top post.
    I believe Netgear have or will be pulling this firmware in order to investigate the UPnP issue and name wiping issue. 
    Would recommend you stay on the previous firmware until this can be looked into further. If you're having no issues then you're absolutely fine to stay on this firmware.
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    Stealth_01 got a reaction from witton90 in BT OPENREACH MODEM   
    Its abit trash that  you cant use your own modem router combination with them. It was the only reason why I ended up choosing BT over sky..
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    Stealth_01 reacted to Zennon in Anyone know how to interpret HG612 stats?   
    If you web search HG612 stat's you will find they are broken and not to use them.
    So users tend to use HG612 Modem Stats
    I would double check with this tool first before believing anything listed by the HG itself.
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    Stealth_01 reacted to Netduma Fraser in XR500 Update Wishlist (Mods/Devs Tag Thread)   
    1. That’s in the next
    2. Will be added soon
    3. That’s definitely on the road map
    4. Development for or VPN Hybrid solution is almost complete
    5. Will be added soon
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    Stealth_01 reacted to xlr8r in Having difficulty getting speeds with BT infinity 2!!   
    Enable IGMP Snooping On or Off   IGMP Snooping is a common advanced option available on most of the routers. In this Layman’s IGMP Snooping guide, we will go over what IGMP Snooping does, and when you might need to enable IGMP Snooping configuration.
    What is IGMP SnoopingFrom the default router advanced settings tooltip on an Asus branded router:
    When enabled, IGMP Snooping monitors IGMP communications among devices and optimizes wireless multicast traffic.
    This definition does not really explain much. However, a simpler way to put it is that IGMP Snooping can be enabled so that your router acts as a mailman or gate for the multicast traffic.
    When your network has plenty of multicast traffic, the performance for the entire network can take a hit because of excessive false flooding. IGMP Snooping optimizes that performance overhead. The Router decides which devices will receive the applicable multicast traffic to improve the overall network speed.
    But if you have little multicast traffic to begin with, say your home based wireless network where you just use it for basic internet and gaming use. IGMP Snooping will not help with any of the wifi performance issue. It will in fact be wasted resources for your router to listen or monitor for nonexistent type of traffic on your wifi setup.
    When to Enable IGMP Snooping for Home UseFor a home based network, you should enable it when you frequently use any kind of streaming or mirroring from your devices to stream to Apple TV or Chromecast. In some brand firmware such as Asus, enabling IGMP Snooping can fix some of the Apple TV Airplay mirroring issues.
    One of the most commonly reported problem is that Apple TV’s streaming function does not work when you stream with Airplay mirroring from a device such as iphone, ipad, or mac connected with a 5 Ghz frequency. (However you can still use mirroring with a 2.4 Ghz frequency).
    You should generally leave the IGMP Snooping option as disabled if you do not use mirroring functions or other type of multicast traffic. In this case, leaving IGMP Snooping as “enabled” has no advantage and can waste some of the processing power since your router will be constantly monitoring applicable multicast transmissions that simply do not exist on your network.
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    Stealth_01 reacted to xlr8r in Having difficulty getting speeds with BT infinity 2!!   
    apparently those new stupid LED street lights can also affect things.... 
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    Stealth_01 reacted to Zennon in Having difficulty getting speeds with BT infinity 2!!   
    Noise gets higher on a night when the sun goes down, but it is nothing to worry about as we all have enough headroom
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    Stealth_01 got a reaction from Zennon in Having difficulty getting speeds with BT infinity 2!!   
    Had a power outage yday afternoon as the electrical board were repairing a faulty joint outside my house. Once the power was restored and modem switched on G.Inp was enabled and upstream bands seem to magically align. Its not perfect but its probably the best im gonna get

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