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  1. No luck from factory reset. I've tried and everything. And yes, I was attempting to downgrade from Duma OS...
  2. I believe my R1 has been bricked. It show's the yellow caution when connected via Ethernet. Deleted history, cache all that good stuff. Network says unidentified but connected. No internet access. Please help!
  3. I realize DUMA OS is out. I'm referring to the people who signed out the same day it came out. It's been 5 days and I have not received anything. I am being singled out.
  4. I couldn't agree more with sorr23. This is pathetic. We won't be getting this until next year.
  5. Trying to play with friends with Anti-BB on. Should I turn it off before i enter the room with them? it's not letting me join them with it on... Or am I doing something wrong. Much appreciated
  6. I'm not able to get my ISP speeds with the Xr500 speed teset. I haven't had issues with the R1 getting above 200mbps. I'm getting less than 100 on the xr500. please help
  7. We playing that game? It's been a year since they've announced it and no updates. Push back after push back.
  8. How soon is soon? If it's another month, I'm tossing it out.
  9. I am in disbelief... He helped me so much with my settings. My condolences
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