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  1. UPDATE: I read the "Understanding Hybrid VPN" post, and changed my laptop HVPN settings to "Do no VPN these services", reloaded what'smyip.com, and the IP's now match
  2. I did the router firmware upgrade to my XR500 this evening and successfully connected my PureVPN account to the Hybrid VPN module. No issues there! When I put my laptop on there and hit whatsmyip.com, I got my regular IP address back, I was expecting to see the same IP that's displayed in the log output window. Can someone explain to me what I'm doing wrong? I'd be happy to provide any logs/screenshots necessary for triage. Thank you very much in advance!
  3. Kazamario

    Bittorrent Optimization

    Fraser, Last night, ran into some issues. Root cause was VPN client. Thought I was possibly missing a setting router side. As you said, works just fine! 😀
  4. Can someone give me a hand with optimizing my Nighthawk to work with my client? Thanks!
  5. I performed a Network Reset on the printer, and then changed the speed in the Settings > Wireless Setup> Mode: Up to 54 Mbps, and used the Brother Utility program >> Tools > Remote Setup and set a STATIC IP. All is well. Thanks Fraser and Wally!
  6. Can someone link me the instructions on how to assign a static ip for my printer? Or is that something I do on my printer? EDIT: On the Brother MFC-J6920DW, I found it under: Tap wrench icon in upper-right hand corner of the touchscreen Tap "Wi-Fi" icon TCP/IP Tap BOOT MethodSelect Static I'm going to do a full restart of my network devices and laptop. Will report back.
  7. Heya Fraser, Thx for the prompt reply, I apologize for not including more detail in my OP. I used WPS/AOSS and it connected without issue, and the printer prints off a Connection: OK page with the Network Name, HW Address, Comm Mode, Auth Type, Encryption, and Network Channel metrics. All those fields are filled in. The printer is powered on as well as the laptop, and both are connected to the 2.4 G network but the printer isn't present on the Device Manager section of the UI and it won't print anything in the print queue. Any other suggestions? Should I try the WPS connection again? EDIT: Attached two images, one is the network map, and the other is my WLAN report.
  8. Good Evening, I have a Brother MFC-J6920DW and I can't for the life of me get the Nighthawk to see it. Is there a setting I'm missing? Can someone please give me a hand with getting this device visible on my network? Thanks, Mario
  9. Good Afternoon, Is it possible to use PureVPNs service with this yet? If so, where do I drop in my config file? Thank you for your time!
  10. Kazamario

    Connecting printer

    Could I get a hand setting up a Brother MFC-6920DW please? I have it connected to my R1, and see it in the device list, however, my PC keeps saying its offline and I can't print to it. I'm on W10-64 bit. Idk if I have to forward ports or what.