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  1. I see I would use anti-bufferbloat setting it at either 80% or 90% for both options and seemed to have run into issues in the past for this game. I will give that another try as it could have been something that I have incorrectly done with applying these settings. Yeah, I figured that it would be more server connection issues than my own connection since I only play this online with my Partner when my sister and nieces are not around and the only device to use the connection is the PS4. I just tried two matches with the Geo-filter enabled and it had me matchmade to a server near New York while I am in South Carolina. The connection was perfect and with no connection issues whatsoever. We could have possibly been matchmade to servers at a long distance away from where we were hence the lag we experienced.
  2. I apologize for the late reply. Had to deal with Hurricane Michael just when we were recovering from Hurricane Florence. I checked with my line quality ping and everything seems to be stable. The main cause of the problem seemed to be that internet is more occupied than before since I have my sister and nieces living with us now so there are 6 devices using the internet besides my PS4 that has my bandwidth stretched to accommodate everything. I also checked online to see if others are having this issue and that is true. Is it due to the fact that matchmaking has me against players from all over the world instead of in the vicinity of the United States? Or could it be other server issues? It is on a P2P connection instead of dedicated servers so would the geo-filter help? The geo-filter was an immense help for me playing Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 years ago. Having this for Dissidia could be able to solve these issues. It is why I love this gaming router to minimize the lag caused by distance and from when family/guests are using the internet as well. I will download the Pingplotter like you said and test that today on my day off and share with you the screenshot of the results. Thank you for taking the time to assist me with this
  3. Here is more detail about what I have been encountering. I apologize for not doing that before. When I go to set up a static IP address for the PS4 and go to test it, the PS4 finds the IP address but is unable to get an internet connection. I tested the IP address by pinging to it and it is not being used by anyone else because I get "Destination host unreachable" When I go to port forward in my AT&T modem I get "Please enter IP Address in LAN subnet" when I try to put in the original IP address of the PS4 that I want to apply all of the TCP and UDP ports for Dissidia. Port forwarding in the Netduma seems successful when I use the appropriate ports and the original IP address of the PS4 Even though I have a stable connection I always experience lag and disconnects in Dissidia along with lag in Street Fighter V. It seems to happen more in fighting games. I even give the PS4 priority in congestion control at 90 while giving any other device 10. Yeah, I have the Geo-Filter disabled and I figured that I would already have an open NAT but the problem that I can't figure out is the disconnecting from Dissidia.
  4. I am having issues with an unstable connection in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT where I disconnect. I wanted to try port forwarding on the Netduma and my AT&T Netgear along with doing a static IP address for the PS4 but have been running into problems.
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