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  1. Thanks Zennon for clarifying, you have just confirmed what i already thought was correct. I already have my R1 in Sky Hubs DMZ, but ideally wanted to take it out of the equation since it seems to have it's own set of quirks. Do you know if Sky have added a proper bridge mode yet? At the minute i think you have to make do with DMZ'ing the R1 and turning both Wifi bands off.
  2. Hi all, been a while since i have been on here, but i wondered if anyone could answer a question i can't seem to find a definitive answer to online. Looking at upgrading my R1 to an XR500 or XR700, however, i was under the impression that i could do away completely with the Sky Q hub and use the Nighthawk as both modem and router combined. Reading certain other posts, since i am on Sky fibre i have read people have done it with the XR500 and used Wireshark to get the required login info, and a recent firmware update to DumaOS added the option 61 data required to enter this data. Is this true then? Because i am pretty sure that the Sky Q Hub uses an RJ11 jack to connect to the master socket, and neither the XR500 or XR700 seem to have an RJ11 jack, just an RJ45 WAN/Internet port. Would appreciate any help, as it may not even be worth 'upgrading' if this is not an option. TL;DR Can i connect an XR500 or XR700 directly to the ADSL master socket and connect to Sky fibre and bin the Sky Q Hub.
  3. I did some testing and it seems that it was the VPN causing the issue. We have seen many similar hot days since i first posted and i tried numerous things, including moving the Duma to another location and it still got very hot and caused regular drop outs. i disabled VPN on all devices and logged out, and it has been fine since. had to reboot once i think but that was unrelated. I have not re enabled the VPN yet and it has been fine, so i have put it down to that. I'm using NordVPN btw.
  4. Hi, if i'm reading it correctly you have an 8 port switch between your R1 and the modem? Could you not swap them round as you are defeating the purpose of the built in hyperlane and congestion control otherwise. Is your Xbox set to instant on mode? If it is, this could be the reason as i found i had a similar problem. Instant makes the Xbox try to hold ports open all the time it is on, which i'm guessing the router does not like. By resetting the Xbox you are reopening the ports. I have since turned mine to power saving mode and i have not had that problem since.
  5. But they have been this way since i bought the duma 18+ months ago! I should also point out that there is no back to the cupboard. I removed it before it was put into position as i expected my hardware to sit in there. Although not ideal, it is in the shade and has free airflow out the back of the unit.
  6. I had the doors to it open yesterday and it made no difference, even though it was noticably cooler. Even with the temperatures we've had earlier in the year i had not had a problem up until last Friday.
  7. Anyone else having a problem with their R1 keep dropping internet connectivity every 30-40 minutes or so? I have had to restart the router multiple times over the weekend, and i wondered if it maybe had something to do with the recent weather? My router is in an enclosed cupboard, and sat on top of the Sky router. I've not had many other problems with heat up until i checked out the routers Saturday night and they were very hot to the touch. I have since seperated them and even put the R1 on it's side away from the Sky hub, but it has made no difference. I have disabled my VPN as that is the only other change in the last couple of weeks, but i still get the same problem. After a reboot it works perfectly, but after a random amount of time devices will still connect to the R1 but with limited to no internet connection. As i did not use my console over the weekend i cannot say if it was affected, but at least 4 apple devices plus a Windows tablet have been affected until it was rebooted. We have also tried pulling the power once this morning, with no effect. Is it just me, or should i be more concerned?
  8. That's some good info, thanks. Could you tell me why i would only connect at 11Mbps if i use the Duma please? The majority of devices are for web browsing mainly, but i have quite a few and reducing my internet speed that low is a bit rubbish. It would probably mean i would have to remove any streaming devices i have from the VPN too. Also, i'm not against running PIA from each device, but it would make management alot easier through the Duma surely?
  9. Great! Thanks for the prompt reply!
  10. I've been looking into using a VPN this afternoon after i found out about the IP Bill being passed last November here in the UK, and i had absolutely no idea! As i live in the UK, would you still recommend PIA? PureVPN and VyprVPN looked ok but after some reading, it seems if the company is based in one of the '14 eye's' countries, your data can be forcefully handed over to authorities etc. Not that i do anything untoward, but if i'm paying for a service, it would be nice to know i'm getting what i pay for. Also, when my details are put into the R1, do all devices use the VPN, including those in hyperlane? or can i select which use it and which don't? Cheers
  11. Hi Fraser, thanks for replying. I think i'm just going to live with it for now until DumaOS is released and see how that pans out. My time with BO3 (which is the game that's giving me grief) is coming to an end, i have other games i am playing that i want to get into more like Watchdogs 2, so the duma will still have it's uses, but host filtering is actually less essential for those kid if games. As for the next CoD, as Treyarc are not developing, i may well give that a wide birth, as i did with IW/MWR. I will continue to use it (as long as the wifi problems stop), and i'll continue to update. Thanks for the assistance though.
  12. Holy thread revival batman! Just checking in since Fraser checked and reset my settings a few months ago. It's not great news but bare with me. Even after Fraser checked over the router settings, nothing changed on the gaming side. It seems i am unable to connect to the local Irish server farm while playing BO3, unless i disable host filtering. Likewise, i am unable to join any game at all if i move my location to one directly over a known dedicated server position, inlcuding those in Europe. Most games i play with host filtering on seem to be p2p. As i have mentioned in previous posts, there seem to be 2 types of game i come across, the first is where most people are juddering across the screen, or teleporting to new locations making aiming a nightmare, however, hit detection is actually pretty good but even my character animations are juddery and not smooth. The other type of game is where i am like .5 to a second behind my opponents, so i will ADS while walking round a corner, only to get shot up by someone running in front of me. When i watch the kill cam i am basically looking at them but do not react whereas on my screen they only just became visible. BO3 is winding down now. Even with the release of IW last year, more people were/are playing BO3. I have managed (somehow) to get gold hero gear for all characters except ruins body (those gravity spike kills are more about luck than judgment!), so i am pretty happy i got that far, but for the last 4 months or so i have basically resigned the R1 to using the hyperlane etc. I have disbled host filtering and have been using the games standard matchmaking, if i find a bad lobby i quit out and try again. I thought i had cracked it a couple of days after Fraser had looked, as i had to reset the router before it would work at all. I was going through the settings, and i noticed VPN was enabled?! So i disabled it, and everything ran fine it seems for the rest of the day. But after 24 hours it was back to normal, even with VPN disabled. ast forward 3 months or so and now the wireless networking is playing silly buggers. My wifes phone (iPhone 6S) is ok, but my 6S plus keeps dropping connection to the R1, when i unlock it asks me to connect to the network, which it should do automatically. Very annoying. It has needed a reboot every few days over the last couple of weeks too as nothing would connect. I'm hoping DumaOS will help fix some of the issues, but so far, i am only using about 50% of the R1's features. I don't have any recent line stats as i turned my monitor off in case it was that causing my disconnects and bad gaming.
  13. Thanks Fraser. Leave it with me and i will let you know before the weekend if i can get on or not.
  14. I have nothing in the deny/allow section as i don't really use it. I did temp block a dedi (at least i think it was, it was in Ireland and it came up with the message about blocking dedi's etc), and i did flush any temp bans before i started the console up just in case. Other than than i don't really mess with that side of it. I wonder why i could not find a server in Germany then, even if my temp bans had not been flushed etc, my radius never exceeds that of the UK borders, so any servers or hosts outside of the UK, within the radius i set should have been fair game, but it just didn't connect. Thanks, i will try this. Maybe not be till the weekend though. I have my doubts i will get it to work though as i should have been connected to EU servers last weekend.
  15. During the first batch of games with the real bad rubber banding, dropped frames etc it was going bonkers like from 33ms all the way up to 400ms. I'm guessing this was P2P? As for the later games it was on average from 40ms to 90ms, but even though it was more stable and i didn't get much stuttering, it seemed like i was dying round corners and people were shooting me before i raised my gun etc, like i'm half a second behind what they are seeing etc. I'll try a ping plotter but leaving it on isn't going to help unless i get the full version i don't think as the free version only stores 10 minutes of data if i recall.
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