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  1. What do you mean? Let the game sit so the filter can do it's work? He'll still pop up.
  2. Dude, I black listed someone on MK XL and I'm still getting connected to the guy. Why?? I do NOT wanna connect or have a match with him. He's a lag winner. I hate it! And I'm gonna hate something else in a minute. I need guidance with this Duma. I'm losing it.
  3. Theres enough gamers on MK XL to get some consistent battles going. There are fans that don't like Netherealm's latest development -- Injustice 2 so they're sticking with MK. Anyhow, I turn off geo-filter, rebooted Duma and I'm getting matches, now. Later, I turn the geo-filter on so I can play people in my Mid-West & Eastern region only and I'm getting matches as well. thx for your time
  4. Ok. The pad lock is gone however, I still can't find any matches like I did 2 days ago. I'm suppost to reboot the Duma or something? I rebooted MK XL and power reset the Xbox One and still no matches.
  5. Yo' this pad lock on my geo filter map is blowing me. I think I can't find a Mortal Kombat rank match because of it. How do I get rid of it or unlock it?
  6. Any scoop on the name of the 25-30 gun kill streak bomb or whatever?
  7. Legion DC


    Think I'm gonna wait 8-12months when the price drops on the XB1X before I buy. If it had strict exclusive titles I'd probably be eager to buy it in it's Nov 2017 launch in a hurry. For now, I'm sticking with my og XB1 w/Kinect which I've purchase in Nov 2013 on Black Friday. Can't forget it.
  8. Is it recommended to enable Geo Filter with a CoD party of 2 or more? I keep my filter distance at a 100 mile radius. Again, is it good for partying up with people to play CoD. I never tried. I always play CoD by myself.
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