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  1. Appreciate the feedback, I don’t play games without it being on.
  2. can you share your alternative ports for PUBG, seems that im a second behind. Im currently still using R1?
  3. Wow a whole day without any responses from moderators or Staff.
  4. Hello, I need some help getting my VPN provider to work on the netduma. I believe I followed the instructions the right way. Every time I input my VPN log in, It says cannot connect to router. Please Help Im Using fast setup and choosing atlanta servers.
  5. Looking to party up with other Duma army players in southeast United States region. Tired of getting in lobbies with scrubs who are going triple negative . My Xbox one I.D is TRYGGER MIKE. Send me a message letting me know you have a Duma.
  6. Is there any information on Duma os whether or not this feature will still be available? I'm hoping they will not take it out.
  7. Can somebody please explain stealth mode. OK here's my situation, every since I started using stealth mode two months ago it seems like that I am in front of everybody and not behind anymore I've done this test several times. I've had this router for over a year and a half and struggle with getting the connection right and finally when I start using stealth mode it feels like it's back to regular call the duty before all this lag compensation. I now drop consistent 30 and 40 bomb games and even against other player with high KDR, I still remain over 2.0 KD ratio. What exactly does it do to the packets ? Would like some feedback from everyone and their experience with stealth mode and if someone in here is very knowledgeable and technical in this field please explain ?
  8. Hey bro I have a setting for the Duma if you want to try it. I will message you on twitter
  9. I only have pic of end game results, tried uploading them but it says file to large.
  10. Have to agree with him. I switch to nighthawk as well. I'm going to use the Nighthawk until the Duma OS comes out. I've read these forums for 1 1/2 years and I can't get consistency like I've gotten with the nighthawk. I also believe The netduma works, but just does not work for everyone. (Everyone has different internet situations) For the past 2 months, my games have been lag free because of the dynamic QOS in the nighthawk which does everything for you. I've gone from barely breaking even in KD ratio to dropping 30-40 kills a game. Hoping the Duma OS update will have something like this to take all the guess work out the equation.
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