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  1. It's a rebranded Medion P2004 with an i3-3240. The WLAN card inside of it is a Realtek RTL8188CE mini PCI-e card (PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&SUBSYS_821110EC), running what I think is the latest version of the driver (2012.12.331.2016 from Windows Update). And no there's nothing special that would make me think it wouldn't work. It works with an older version of the firmware and works on another router so it's definitely linked to something that changed inside the XR500 firmware. It may be that now the DHCP server reacts badly to a bad configuration of that machine while it used not to. If I get some time I'll tinker with that machine, try to boot it off a clean Windows To Go external drive and try a USB WLAN dongle.
  2. I took that computer off the XR500 and connected it to another router and the XR500 stopped rebooting. Now up for 6 days with no issues. All the other devices that were connected to the XR500 are still connected to it. I also see that line in the log: [Internet connected] IP address:, Wednesday, April 08, 2020 07:22:44 Which is 13 minutes ago, or how much time passed since the lease was obtained. So it seems like the router gets its IP from the Livebox no worries and it did several times since last reboot.
  3. Yeah I'm really thinking it has a bug as well. Not sure if memory related because on my router the CPU/RAM usage graphs are not particularly alarming even after 5+ days of running. Averages around 50% CPU usage and around 50% of the RAM is shown as free. In my case I think it just can't handle that computer and probably makes the entire thing kernel panic because if it just crashed the DHCP server I'd expect it to be able to be restarted without restarting everything?
  4. So a couple of hours after my last post the router restarted after the same DHCP shitstorm. So I yeeted it off the network and the router has been up with no single issue for 4 days now. So yeah definitely looking like a DHCP server update made it blow up when this device is on the network. Not sure why, especially because this device doesn't seem to be having issues on my OpenWRT router.
  5. Yeah, figured that wasn't related to an external thing. So far it looks like it's a device blowing up the DHCP server when it's connected to the network.
  6. Yeah the lease matches. Was daring yesterday and did the update back to .56 with a factory reset. The crashes are back yay! More or less the same process, internet/wlan LEDs freeze, ethernet LEDs still work, and after 10 seconds or so it reboots. This is the last frame I get before the crash. Nothing out of the ordinary except for that one device that asked for an IP 5 times in 3 minutes. That's a computer on the wifi so nothing exotic. I now gave it a fixed IP in the XR500 DHCP config to see if it helps.
  7. I think the Livebox issues 24h DHCP leases, but the XR is fully configured with static IPs. It has a static IP assigned in the Livebox's DHCP server so the DMZ works and itself is configured to use a static IP. I'll try to upgrade back see if whatever issue was purely temporary, and in any case contact netgear to get a replacement device once I'm no longer working from home. Thanks!
  8. That's really funny that yours started working fine again because mine with similar troubles (tho I know mine just straight up restarts yours just seem to forget to work) also started working again. Do these devices phone home in a way that could break if the remote server had issues? I have Netgear DDNS enabled and that's the only thing I can think of that would contact the outside world since I turned off automatic updates.
  9. Since I did another factory reset on .32 it has been running smoothly for now 3 days. Wouldn't call it a victory just yet (or ever really, it's still outdated software) but it's going in the right direction at least. So if you have ideas or troubleshooting steps to try for what would break post .32 I'm all ears.
  10. Hello, My XR500 has developed an issue where it seemingly locks up and reboots approximately every 20 hours, sometimes less. I don't exactly know when it started happening but it's very noticeable since I started working from home 2 weeks ago. It worked great for 11 months and as far as I can tell nothing changed. There are more devices connected all day long and my brother got a new phone but I doubt a couple more devices on the WLAN would cause it to blow up spectacularly. When it happens all devices lose internet connection (and DHCP if I try to reconnect a device before the reboot) and the router's web interface is inacessible. After a few seconds the power LED turns red then it reboots and resumes operation seemingly normally. What I tried: Factory reset with .56 Downgrade to .40 Factory reset with .40 Downgrade to .32 Factory reset with .32 Every factory reset the only settings I change are: SSIDs/passwords LAN IP (from .1 to .88 because that's what I used on the old R1) Static IPs for my home servers Port forwarding for these servers Static router IP Disable UPnP My setup the XR500 connected over ethernet to an Orange Livebox 4 that really only does FTTH modem. XR500 is DMZ'd for gaming purposes. I did do a bit of dust cleaning inside the router with compressed air but it was clean already so no overheating issues. All IPv4 as IPv6 seems to break DumaOS to the point I get catastrophic packet loss on my computer. So if anyone has an idea, or if there is a way I can access the pre-reboot logs to take a peek that would be great! Rally
  11. Okay this is starting to be really maddening. I know the router is in the DMZ because the web interface is accessible from the outside world and I wiped the NAT tables in my ISP's router. To be absolutely, certainly, perfectly sure I turned off remote access, rebooted, turned it on and rebooted again. It is enabled, unless the web interface is a liar (silly web interface). I don't know how you find my IP, but I've been posting with several different IPs (from work, using my phone's 4G, from work's WiFi) and even then my home IP is dynamic so perhaps you got the wrong one. I have a DNS that may work better, may I PM you with it?
  12. Requesting an upgrade from 1.03.3. Also if you could release a guide to let power users do their upgrades alone (with the same restriction about failed upgrades) it would be smashing, it sounds like you're wiping the flash or updating something like the bootloader to support the new version and that's something anyone with some computing knowledge can do. It would save you a lot of time and frustration if such users could try their hand at upgrading. I know I would, even if the risk is to have to send back the router and pay postage fees. It wouldn't be my first router upgrade.
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