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  1. pass phrase what is that 1st ?? and yea kinda i recommended that b4 the updates even started when i first had duma still have to learn happier
  2. yes well im happy cause its working and will keep u posted if any tree or anything starts growing out of it lol but its clean and smooth so far now can u point me in the right direction of updates im kinda worried from the last time with this issue happening with the latest update when my duma started acting up can i keep it updated just before the newer interface update or you tell me whats ur better advice? as well ipv and certain things i should know it has been some time messing with the interface and lastly Passphrase is that as password so i can change it wasnt to sure whether to mess with it thanks but yes man im back and happy thanks again
  3. this has to be the worst feeling after being at the most busiest of my life ever i just opened up the replacement duma i got a while back all happy to do so till after opening the box getting the duma in my hands i hear a loose something in the duma idk if its something important an extra piece or what so i came here in worries if i should even try to hook it up now cause now if its something through shipping and handling and it doesnt work i wont know what in the world to do advice please ??????? i was just hoping to get on here after hooking it up to ask any advice i should take with any updates and setting but now this craziness please this is impossible
  4. ok now seems to have hit an issue either people like i said is feeding on to my wifi cause i am getting outrageously poor signal since i cant get into my netduma interface to see whats going on at a regular i get 300 down 35 up now im only getting 11 down ???? whats up i tried resetting modem and router same case nothing i sent an email with 2 different emails and no words from anyone
  5. lets see how it goes i appreciate this and i do hope we can get this up as the best duma in the world craig in the worlddd lmao thanks for ur help again
  6. please do brother and i wish we can get my duma back up and runnning asap thanks fraser
  7. yes indeed alex i can not access the interface only a blank screen
  8. thing is dude i can not access dumas OS at all i get a blank burgundy screen with the waiting circle then all it says is ReferenceError: $ is not defined i pressed ok waited and waited and all still the same thing since there is nothing to access to the duma os nothing just a blank burgundy screen
  9. yup did it for the 24 hours just the tuesday into wednesday thinking it might come back as well fraser but i have no choice but to use the power adapter i only have 2 electrical sockets in my room unfortunately one for tv alarm clock cable box and the other stuff etc. the other socket only is using the monster power adapter that just has pc monitor modem and the netduma connected nothing much i can do about plugging it into the wall but that was never a factor before as well till i installed the update brother???
  10. i unplugged power pressed the power button for a minute to refresh all ports to maintain balance of power and such to the pc went to device manager scanned all devices for any updates i do not use bitdefender at all never did on this pc i only use kaspersky so i shut that down completely as well any windows defenders that were active after shutting down kaspersky went on private mode as well as normal on firefox still nothing says the same message on each try when opening netdumas page " ReferenceError: $ is not defined" im worried now cause knowing since i factory restarted it resets my wifi password and not knowing if there are any malicious types of people that may try to enter through my netduma to cause harm to my well being from trying to access anything through my mac wifi??????? ughh
  11. guys i do apologize for the extra posts i added it was a frustrating day for me so sorry but i did all i could while reading a lot of posts i thought there were no response getting back but i didnt know cause i rarely use any forums so my apologizes... so yes just tried to use chrome with incognito and had this error " Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined " i did a bunch of cache cleaning yesterday before shutting down the pc but i always use firefox and PC the last update i only was able to go into the new firmware OS a few times trying to fix nat then it started opening slower and slower till i started getting those errors which finally trying to do a factory reset yesterday had me at ends gentlemen once again my apologizes..so now whats next?
  12. router issues here where i tried to reset to factory nothing has happened been searching for even the content i have been asking for help on and nothing for this moment i tried a ipconfig release and renew cleaned cache tried on those standards nothing i unplugged reset turned on reset nothing as well asked for a one on one respond nothing cause either i am too upset to continue to look for my content or to blinded by being upset that i do not see my own content all i ask is for this to be resolved any info from fraser and jake which messaged me prior upsetting to continue to see a message when trying to access my OS for duma and all i get is " ReferenceError: $ is not defined "
  13. finally getting to try to factory reset and absolutely nothing same saying " ReferenceError: $ is not defined " i tried 3 times now got the beep first time second time none then unplugged netduma reset again same error???? refreshed netduma cleaned cache still what can be the cause of this??
  14. thanks but sheesh i dont have enough time to spend on the pc for today i was worried i had to do that didnt want to actually but i will have to do so tomorrow but thank u and can u send a little guide line on wat exacts i will have to go by from factory reset and which updates i have to install till i get to final of updates really i do appreciate it thanks again will be back on by tomorrow i hope
  15. hey ive been very busy not being able to keep in touch with my duma but i cant even get into my duma os at all gives me a "referenceerror: $ is not defined?" any help of what i can do at this point?
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