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    velloonythedeity got a reaction from Locosano in DumaOS Developer Q&A   
    When we will have the ping embler back. I used it faithfully in my gameplays and live streams so ppl can see my ping. also the tracer feature  and profile saving?. also can we get different qos setup scripts like piece_of_cake,simplest tbf,simplest.qos,layer_cake, etc?.
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    velloonythedeity reacted to Netduma Fraser in Anyone With At&t Fiber HELP ME!   
    Okay well that's a fantastic ping. If it's not playing the best for you then I'd suggest forcing some different servers in different locations and see if they play any better.
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    velloonythedeity reacted to CrossFitKila717 in Need Help With XR500   
    I gotcha man.......go to “firewall” tab, then you’ll see “IP Passthrough”. Click that & choose device (xr500 should show up). Select that and select “fixed” on the other drop down. It’s pretty much that simple. There’s only IP Passthrough not Bridge mode. Restart your device under “device” tab, then your console. Should see “open” NAT as well. Make sure to turn your WiFi off on the gateway as well, assuming you’re using the WiFi from xr500. All port forwarding done through the xr500 as well.....don’t do any funky things to the Gateway, just leave that as is......remember, it’s just passing your IP through it. All control is at xr500.  
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    velloonythedeity got a reaction from Alex49H in Servers not showing xr500   
    its the game, black ops 4 servers are on peer 2 peer, because i brought up b03 and had no probs with finding servers.
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    velloonythedeity got a reaction from N3CR0 in Why is my connection to Miami Server so bad?   
    it's the game, that's why I stop playing it.
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    velloonythedeity got a reaction from Netduma Jack in THE HIT DETECTION IS CRISP IN BLACK OPS 4 W/ @NETDUMA @DumaOS @BattleBeaverC   
    I'm working on the video now.
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    velloonythedeity got a reaction from Alex49H in SILENT PPSH + AIRBORN PATCH v1.13 = V2 ROCKET GAMEPLAY   
    you already know.
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