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    Maybe i should put this in the support section . I read the other day about the software jitter on the r1 and i just wondered using pppoe just makes the r1 more jittery . When i said cpu i mean the dual core cpu on the r1 itself. Really im trying to talk myself into buying the xr500 , its hard going as netgear shaft me when i bought the r7500 for £170 and a month later they "end of life" router in 2015 .It was because the router hardware was buggy and they ended up making a r7500 v2. I bought a netduma two months after and never looked back . Xr500 looks amazing with the duma os stuck on it and having one router does all . The xr500 down to £225 , maybe at £200 i could twisted my arm riggs
  2. riggs540


    Hi guys, How much cpu usage approx does the r1 use in pppoe mode Just interested really riggs
  3. riggs540

    csgo with multiple users

    i was playing csgo with my cousin at the weekend both on the duma lan . With the hyper-lane it has a csgo label , does this use the default client-port or the whole range ?ie 27005-27019 or is it better to just set up both client-port if there are two users ie 27005 for one and 27010 for the other? The graphs it draws for the server are quite shocking as on a mm server , the scores scores 1.5 out of 10 for a quality server. Thanks
  4. sounds great iain ! Take your time . Rome was not built in a day
  5. riggs540

    I want to buY this but I don't know if it will help me

    You could always try cfosspeed which is qos system for your pc system. i think there might be a time limited demo.