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  1. none of my questions deserve answers?
  2. Am I supposed to NEED a static wan ip? I didn’t see that in the user guide. And wouldn’t I have to pay extra to my isp to get one? How would I get one from my R1?
  3. ok i think ive been pretty cool about this whole thing but thats not what i thought id have to do with something i recieved 2 WEEKS AGO! When do we start talking about me getting one that just works?
  4. it was on my desk. but after the first time i lost connection i put it on top of an empty wastepaper basket so the bottom could breathe
  5. No not that I can remember. I’m usually not looking at the interface when I lose connection.
  6. I have seen that after trying to reboot from the interface.
  7. yes the first 2 times i was able to access the os. but i dont recall it functioning. i coundt even get it to reboot. i had to manually unplugg the router.. once i let it cool down i could connect again. for a while. but now its happening more frequently. devices reporting no internet connection. im actually using my R1 now.
  8. sorry 4 drops now. this last time i couldnt even connect to the os. yes all devices lose connection. i dont know but i think im plugged directly into the ont? but my R1 worked when i plugged iy back in so thats not the problem.
  9. I've had my R2 for about 2 weeks. in that time ive lost internet connection about 3 times. i believe i have a Faulty unit.
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