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  1. I leave everything to default as I would not be able to change it, as soon as I enter the interface it would reboot again.
  2. Its the latest version, upgraded yesterday and is connecte directly to a wall outlet
  3. No, it is an audible beep, full reset. And then until its wireless, it will continue doing so.
  4. Sorry, yes you are right. Any device I connect to the wifi will reboot my router.
  5. Hello there. I know I often frequent these forums looking for a fix for this problem; but always end up forgetting as I go back to wireless but I really do wish to connect my router wired. Some information on the problem I'm having: I have been using the Netduma R1 for around 6 years now, and have never used it wired as I bought it when I was younger and my setup was in my bedroom - away from any possible ethernet. Wirelessly, it practically works as good as new. I've been using it wireless, with the R1 connected to my ISP Router (Virgin Media) and it was working flawlessly. I attempted to add another ethernet cable from the R1 to my PlayStation. When I do this, and try and access the admin gateway interface, my router constantly reboots. I can only access it again, when I disconnect the ethernet and go wireless again. That is the only solution it seems, but means that I cannot play wired. Also, every time my router reboots, I then have to reset the whole router to factory settings, as if I have my VPN enabled (which I do for games such as Warzone on my PlayStation) and it reboots, it will still show as enabled and wont change my location until I have to reset the router again. TIA. Jamie
  6. Update: when I unplug the second LAN cable (not PoE but the connection to a different device) and connect via WiFi, it works. also note that the VPN doesn’t work when connected directly to ps4 with LAN cable.
  7. Hi all, so I’ve been using my Netduma R1 to use a VPN on my PlayStation which has been working amazingly up until today. I switched to a LAN cable after using WiFi since I got the router to connect to the PS4 directly from the R1. It allows me to access the interface only if I connect the LAN cable to my computer. if I attempt to connect to the web page via wifi, my netduma will endlessly reboot. it is connected to the wall socket, it has been completely factory resetted multiple times by both the interface through LAN and the pinhole on the router. Nothing works?
  8. Hi all, Been using the Netduma R1 for ages now to the point where I couldn’t game without it. Just recently switched myself from Sky to Virgin and plugged the ethernet from the Duma to the Superhub 3, it is connected but provides no internet connection. any solutions?
  9. Hey guys, hoping you can provide me some support on this issue I'm experiencing. I've been using the HybridVPN option using servers from ExpressVPN through my membership with them -- I've set it all up correctly as the VPN was working just as it should for a few days before all of a sudden not connecting to my PlayStation 4 whatsoever, nor the PC. I have enabled the VPN and added the PlayStation and Desktop as the traffic onto the VPN, however, when I check my IP on through ExpressVPN, there is no change and reveals my actual location of the UK. For example: Connecting to Seattle Servers (Says connected, PlayStation is connected in Device Manager), load up the game - Geographical region remains the same despite VPN and geofilter location setup. I ought to note that I downloaded and updated my firmware to DumaOS 3.0 for the R1, though the VPN continued to work for a few hours before no longer having any effect. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey guys, i’ve just attempted to sign up for the DumaOS 3.0?beta for the R1, I entered my details but it is asking for a staging.netduma login and password, where can I find this? Thank you
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