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  1. while the dumaos has made bo4 better for me, I think the programming of the game itself with lag comp, sbmm, small maps, bad spawns and unbalanced gameplay.....it is just not fun. And blackout's PS3 level of graphics is terrible!
  2. finally had time to upgrade to the OS. two questions: 1.) why is the DumaOS site not secured? 2.)I can not see everyone in the room. Usually just the host.
  3. ok, reset complete. Next step? Tried to redo settings in the device manager. When I tried to save the update, I got this error
  4. Ill start the reset. Chrome alwats seemed to handle the UI the best. What about the spikes?
  5. I started a thread in the original duma support
  6. per @Netduma Jack Im getting spikes in game Also, the infinite/mega slow loading issue in the interface is back.....even hardwired into the duma Thanks for your help!
  7. now Im getting the infinite page loading.in the interface.....even hardwired into the duma....somethings going on
  8. I have not experienced rubber banding. I have experienced huge problems with hit detection and overall gameplay. I played for a couple hours on my ISP router. I connected the duma and noticed an improvement. I know being a new game, it will take time for you guys to research settings. My wired speedtest showed 200+ up and down. What settings should I try? Should I mess with profiles?
  9. Thank you for replying! Yes, in game, multiple different hosts and game modes.
  10. Im getting this all day every day Cod profile
  11. first time logging into this forum in months I think.....still waiting for the unicorn to drop I see........
  12. The point is after months and a year of delays and 'very soon" we get it dropped on us like it did. They release a pep rally Twitter message and post on here instead of a contrite and humble apology to it's loyal users and customers. I say it again.... customers. It is bad form.....plain and simple. I can't use the Duma with my current setup unless I don't use my Android tx box because of the 5ghz limitations. When I didn't have the box, my wife would wear me out everyday about the wifi dropping. And the months of slow UI interface issues made it hard to tweak. Many people have been waiting for the OS to help solve alot of issues with their setup and they can't be claimed for venting frustrations now. Over a year of waiting. They could have built a 2.0 version of the Duma and added the OS to it and we would've gladly paid them probably 300 for it. Well, I vote with my wallet....and if they get a kick back from NG for every purchase, it won't come from me. The next treyarch COD comes out this fall.....and I'll be in the market for a better router
  13. Instead of designing and producing a Duma 2.0 with more power, more memory, 5ghz, better wifi, etc.....they sold the software to Netgear for a router that does not do all that the Duma 1.0 could do.
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