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  1. The only symbol I saw was the same one on the East coast of US...
  2. Last time I checked it was around >100ms. The only server I saw was somewhere on the East coast of US. I also tried to limit the geofilter to just Europe. It was able to find an opponent but it never connected me to them...
  3. Big fan of the game here from northern Europe! I'm starting to doubt though if this game has any EU servers at all would like to check that out. Online play is super laggy most of the time...
  4. I'll give these ports a try. Any other settings, how is your QoS settings, do you use Geofilter?
  5. Disabled the mirroring and renamed the 5 GHz SSID, new password for both networks. 2.4Ghz settings similar. All default here. Speeds set automatically. The router is working fine now with these settings. Problems begin when I check the box for 'Disable QoS'.
  6. I'll try my best to clarify. Bear with me since English is not my first language. With QoS off I'm able to connect with my mobile & laptop but I cannot access the router's login page. My TV and chromecast cannot connect at all. With QoS on I can add all the devices -> if I switch Qos off while these devices are already connected some of them still keep the connection running (TV). If I disconnect the TV and try to connect back -> it's not possible until I turn QoS back on. Chromecast's connection is lost as soon as it restarts.
  7. I may have spoken too soon. I did a factory reset yes (actually the first thing I did) but after this the issue still persisted. I took QoS completely off while troubleshooting this more (adding speeds automatically) and it can actually be that one as well. @wrighty338 Is your QoS completely turned off? Edit: A bit late good thing we now know whats causing it.
  8. I think I managed to fix it. I retraced all my steps of the settings I had changed (Geo-Filter, QoS etc.) all the way to the beginning. I tried setting the default values for my network speeds 1000 down / 1000 up (in the beginning I ran the automatic test for the speeds) and after this change the issue was fixed. Don't know if this is just luck but hey give it a shot @wrighty338 if it works for you as well.
  9. I have a similar issue. My main PC is wired and that works nicely. I was able to connect my mobile phone and macbook to the network but I cant access the default gateway address from these two devices. I was unable to connect my samsung smart tv and chromecast to the R2. With the tv and ccast it gives me a connection error right away. Edit: I tried the suggested reboot sequence. Still issues.
  10. I'm not seeing the Interrupt Steering settings - tab at all. How do I display these hidden power settings? I managed to disable Interrupt Moderation in the Network Adapter settings. But would you be able to give me some more insight on these two: - Disabling Paket coascaling (RSC) on Windows - Togheter with enabling msi-mode for all devices
  11. Care to share the settings for nvidia inspector? I'm on PC so I could take the settings out for a test drive.
  12. Hi, Been loving the app for the last week or so. Keep getting constant good results. Just a thought popped in my head about this. Is there any chance Battlenet on PC could ban you since it is a script running in the background?
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