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  1. You and me both brother. This thing constantly disconnects wifi. On top of that I have a 300mb connection and this thing blocking me down to under 1mbps. I can barely even load a webpage right now with this junk. I had hope they would actually keep working on this thing but I think it is finally time to take her out back and put her down. I ain't touching another netduma product again that's for sure. I could wire a potato for better speeds.
  2. You keep using that word "open beta." I do not think it means what you think it means.
  3. I been waiting for this for years and of course right before it releases my router pretty much craps out. The thing only puts out a signal for about 30 minutes.
  4. Mine been doing the same thing for less than two weeks. And mine is in my living room about 30 feet from my pc.
  5. Lame. Thanks. Maybe it will happen sometime in the next couple of years.
  6. So are you guys going to put out the update today like you said three days ago or is it going to be tomorrow like you said two days ago?
  7. I do not know which is the least congested channel on my block but I have gone through every channel with and without turbo mode and they all work without turbo but when I turn it on it says I am connected but it won't load a webpage or anything. And yes I always have psk2 on. And with super turbo on it is the same. Still doesn't work.
  8. I have had charter spectrum internet. I have 300 Mbps. And get up to 350 Mbps. Anytime I turn on turbo mode it causes everything on wifi to not load a webpage or anything. The wifi works fine when turbo is turned off. Is there some way I can get turbo mode working?
  9. I been waiting for this and siege and battlefront for a while. I have just decided to disconnect the router because with siege I can't connect if I have it connected. It's freaking frustrating. Don't get your hopes up for support anytime soon.
  10. Yeah I get horrible lag on the division also. Power cycling my netduma and modem helped a bit. They will get support for this game on Saturday sometime this year.
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