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  1. still the same but something else i want to bring up. A few people on the internet are having issues with not being able to connect, then they have to do this weird they where they sign in with mobile hotspot then switch to the internet. My roommate is one of those people, it's like error code 347 blazing gator. Are these two issues related?
  2. I have both a gaming pc and a ps4, I port forwarded on my pc for an open nat type but I cannot forward the same ports for my playstation. upnp is enabled but the playstation is still moderate.
  3. Nope I returned my rental router when the netduma was delivered. @GiorgosTT I've already done this
  4. Yes I've tried every option from automatic to max. Sometimes it will work but I'll have to restart multiple times through out the day. My upload goes up to 40
  5. I'm still having unusable wifi speeds, we're talking less than 1 Mbps while 18 feet from the router on a school laptop/android /TV. I've tried every solution posted on this topic and others, I cannot get usable wifi in my apartment Very much not happy with the R2 right now
  6. @Netduma Fraser I have congestion control block clicked never apply. the 3 line option menu "disable QOS (not recommended), I have not ticked I'll work on the wifi now Edit, Should I use 5Ghz only?
  7. @Netduma Fraser Yes as soon as I installed the the new software I did the factory reset as suggested. When I saw reset I do mean reboot both the router and the modem. That doesn't even fix it or it doesn't last long. I tried plugging in my really old xfinity modem/router combo I have and the wifi works just fine. It's some sort of setting in the netduma R2 I'm trying to figure out. Edit: I also called xfinity and had them do a reset on their end.
  8. @Netduma FraserI'm already using the new firmware
  9. I keep having to reset my Duma every few hours in order to have usable internet speed. Directly connected to my modem, I have 950 down, when I connect to the netduma it drops to 450 down. My wifi has basically been unusable, my TV 20 feet from my router can't play Netflix without buffering. Not to mention android phones and everything. Is there anything I can do to have usable home wifi from my netduma r2? Edit, I've tried turning QOS off and leaving it on, geo filter off, ad blocker off
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