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  1. yes, is there not a way for both of us to have open nats?
  2. no you said you have to add your friends while using the geo filter (i'm not using it currently) do i have to do that if my friend is on the same network?
  3. No, I have not used the geo filter or QOS once since playing coldwar (I use it just to look at my connection) Also do I need to whitelist the ps4 on the netduma seeing as we're in the same house on the same network?
  4. I factory reset the router re-did the portforwarding. I gave ps4 as many ports as I could and did the rest on the pc, The ps4 can now log in no error with open nat, pc is moderate nat and we having issues joining parties cause of it. netgear cm1100 modem everything is lan
  5. Update, ps4 can log in without blazing gator, has strict nat despite adding port forward rules
  6. It worked that one time I did it in the DMZ, anyway we can fix the nat type or at least the error to log in update nat is strick on the ps4
  7. disabled and deleted all PF rules, PC is moderate ps4 has to do the hotspot trick still waiting to see what the nat is on it. Little reminder that on the netduma my PC is labeled a PS4 for the geo filter.
  8. yes geo and qos disabled Edit, friend tried to log into cod tonight he had to hotspot it again
  9. alright progress. PC nat is open, PS4 I logged into the game without blazing gator finally on lan, but moderate nat. I think I did the DMZ right? Port rules
  10. Guest wifi did work and the nat is open... here are my port forward rules Edit pc is still moderate
  11. Nat type is still moderate on both (was open on pc before I switched the ports) I tried every method you suggested other than the guest wifi ( would really like to get both devices lan with how bad my wifi is)
  12. I haven't tried you're latest suggestions, i will later on. I didn't notice at first, when I switched the ports like you suggested the PC became moderate again (no CC and no geo filter) As far as that error, here's some topics on it.
  13. still the same but something else i want to bring up. A few people on the internet are having issues with not being able to connect, then they have to do this weird they where they sign in with mobile hotspot then switch to the internet. My roommate is one of those people, it's like error code 347 blazing gator. Are these two issues related?
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