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  1. I just want to note today I did get a dedi server, I haven't left it but when I do i'll see if I can get another.
  2. Blackout is only Dedi, there's no p2p in blackout. And yeah before I would always get 25-30 ping blackout matches, Recently I'm lucky to get under 80, sometimes as high as 280. I'm still unable to get dedi on multiplayer on xbox
  3. yeah I don't think this is mislocated, And yeah the filter mode is turned on........ https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/507557361049927680/522521677532364850/unknown.png?width=400&height=225 oh i got another one
  4. Before I did the cloud update (about 20 mins before) my blackout lobbies were always 30 to 35 ping which is normal for me, always has been. Now my blackout lobbies are 80 to 250 ping. I'm normally understanding of shit goes wrong since I have no idea what's going on behind the product. But now I'm a little upset seeing as blackout is my main game.
  5. is there a way to resize the map so I can get both the ping, ID, and map all in the same screenshot? I'm gathering some screenshots, I am finding lobbies overall faster, but I'm still getting a lot of lobby not joinable. Also, I see the netduma ping good dedicated servers, it just keeps searching, doesn't connect to them.
  6. It's also no good for me, tried for about 40 mins. My settings were the same, 1500 km spanning half of the united states, ping assist set to 40 (my ideal ping before all this was 25-30)
  7. I'm glad it's figured out, wish it was sooner, but I know a fix is on the way. I was one of the first people affected by this, posted about it day or two before Thanksgiving
  8. no go Fraser, took me 12 mins to find this lobby, what next?
  9. From launch to a week ago I would get only dedi with 30 ping, and it was amazing, peer peer I'll post more if needed, it just takes me 5 to 10 mins to find a lobby just to have it peer,
  10. I followed these steps, after restarting the router I get a loop of messages "uncaught undefined" and "This R-App is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute." My Geo filter also will not load, I've restarted my router twice Edit I was able to get the filter up and running but I'm still getting unplayable peer connections, everything was working perfectly till a week ago, needless to say, I'm disappointed.
  11. I'm unable to flush the cloud still, I get the message "The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App." I'm also still getting peer connections with 50+ ping. I have it set to cover the entire east coast, ping assist set to 38. Before all this mess I would get all dedicated servers with 25 to 30 ping. When I search for a match I can see the duma ping these dedicated servers but never connects.
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