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  1. It worked. Played around with it for a while. Well done, folks. It looks stellar. Testing it begins now.
  2. You're not being singled out. The majority of the sign-ups were in the first few hours of release. It happens. Keep in mind that they are a relatively small company and beta rollouts aren't as easy as they are with huge companies. They want to lessen the possibilities of a bad rollout. Be patient. We're lucky this is free.
  3. There are people in this thread who are already talking about it. Please read.
  4. As much as I hated waiting, expecting to get access to an unfinished product purely because you got the router before most people is absolutely ridiculous. Imagine getting the DumaOS while it was in development for the R1 and it bricks your R1. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't risk that. They wanted it stable before they released it. I hated the wait. I wish there was more communication (or any at all, for that matter), but I can confidently say that if they ever offered me an unstable version of the software, I would have said no. And you'd be insane to accept it. Maybe you can afford to replace your R1, but most of us still have the R1 over the Nighthawk (WHICH HAS DUMAOS) because of the pricetag of the Nighthawk. Also, don't think for a second that being an early adopter gives us the right to have access to products that are in development. The ONLY reason people expect to get the DumaOS free of charge is because they stated it would be. They could have just as easily released an "R2" and made us pay. You can feel entitled to the finished product because it was promised, but don't think for a second that it is your right to have all future releases free of charge because you bought a router that's like 3-5 years old at this point. The R1 will become obsolete, and you will have to upgrade. Prepare for that, man.
  5. Hope I'm in one of the next couple of batches. I gave up on waiting, and I'm currently using the R1 as my secondary connection's Wi-Fi distributor. Really hoping for it to be the main connection router again.
  6. "Briefly delayed" on April 16th. It is now August 18th. 4 months, 2 days. I officially give up on waiting. It's very clear that DumaOS isn't coming to R1 owners and that we've been mislead since the Netgear Nighthawk announcement. It sucks to finally say it, but I give up on Netduma as a company. You guys leave your customers in the dark for periods of time that are far too long. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. It sucks, man. The R1 was a great product. However, going many, many months without any meaningful updates and little-to-no communication from the company on important updates that directly impact R1 owners has to be the nail in the coffin for this once great router. I applaud you guys on creating the software that made the R1 so special. It was awesome to be an early adopter for such a promising product. Through every bug and patch you guys released, it still held up. There are just better options now, so the R1 will now just be used as my secondary connection's WiFi distributor. Hopefully you guys get the DumaOS to the customers who are still here defending you every single day, and soon, those people are few at this point. Thanks for making Destiny 1's connections bearable in Year 2, and for making BO3 and WW2 playable. See ya, dudes. Hopefully you guys can turn this mess around.
  7. I still can't believe the amount of shade I'm seeing thrown at frustrated customers in this thread. I understand that not everybody is disappointed or upset about this, but maybe we shouldn't be so quick to belittle other paying customers who were promised something by a company, and that company ultimately failed (multiple times in relation to this SINGLE update) to deliver on its promise. I know things go wrong during development. I know things change last minute. I know a lot of stuff has to be re-planned. However, I also know that it's important to keep your customers in the loop. Make us part of the conversation. For example, I posted prior to this update thread (in the shoutbox) asking if DumaOS was still scheduled for release. Maybe a day or two later, this thread was posted. There were people in the shoutbox who still believed it was scheduled for that day. Why? Nobody said otherwise until last minute. That's not keeping us in the loop. People assume no news is good news and we all figured things were going as planned. To drop a thread like this mere hours/days prior to a scheduled release is the exact way to turn your loyal customers against you. If you want loyalty from us, be loyal to us. Tell us if you think plans are changing as soon as you know. This was clearly not what happened this time around. It's a damn shame, too. Also, to all of the people who are sitting here bashing on individuals who are like me and feeling a little burned by this, you gain nothing by blindly supporting every action a company makes. As salty as that statement sounds, it's true. People are not upset without reason here. It's not like NetDuma came back and said "Hey, guys. We've sent out an automatic update to the R1 to change the fonts we used in the UI and making the Host Filtering map smaller". Like, that would be trivial, and people who were enraged would look like idiots. No, this is a situation where the community was promised something (or at least told they were getting something), and then they were told they weren't getting it... last minute. They have every right to be mad. Are some of them taking it too far? Maybe. Does that make their frustration invalid? No. Imagine you were promised a raise a work, so you were patient and waited until the day was nearly upon you... then your boss comes in and is like "Nah. We gave it to Netgear instead."
  8. I, too, am frustrated and disappointed by this news. I'm not going to post a wall of text as to why or anything, but I think it's absurd that there are people in this thread who are mocking the people who are frustrated by this to the point of questioning their loyalty to Netduma. It's not fair to belittle customers who are voicing their frustrations.
  9. I still have yet to find a solution to this problem. I may end up just resetting the Duma and hoping that works. Otherwise, may have to attempt to find another ISP in my area that won't ruin my networking setup when I'm not around.
  10. Did that. Same result for some reason. I'm not sure what happened here, man. I haven't. I've used both of my PCs at this point to try it. Have you ever encountered anything like this before?
  11. Gave that a shot. Even with the modem not plugged in to the Duma, the Default Gateway is the same, and we cannot access the Duma through it. It still attempts to load the Xplornet modem login page for some reason.
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