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  1. I have the Netduma R1 and have been waiting for the upgrade how do I upgrade to latest firmware?
  2. This is my setup WALL - Cable Modem Router(Nighthawk AC1900) - Netduma R1 Theres no splitters, just one coaxial cord that leads from outside into the Cable Modem/Router
  3. Hi, so tomorrow im having a technician come to fix my internet connection. Im currently with Comcast xfinity and my package is Extreme 150 so I should be getting around 150 download and 20 upload. My connection for the past week has been dropping to the point where it cuts out and I have to reset everything. I dont believe the netduma has anything to do with the problem because I never mess with settings and my connection was fine before this week. Ive been living at this apartment for almost 2 years now and have had this problem before multiply times. The technician comes out and fixes it and everything is good for a couple months and then it starts to happen again where my speeds are cut in half to 30 download and 5 upload and then the connection just drops completely. What can I tell the tech tmo to help him pin point the problem?
  4. Gamertag: FRE5KO Console: Xbox One Your Home location (e.g. UK, West Coast US etc): US
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