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  1. Outside of games though, The internet would still die out for a time and then come back on it seems when a dhcp lease would expire it felt like it was doing it like clockwork(could’ve been a consistent coincidence that my roommates where playing MW at this time as well)This was only with the hitton i noticed so far though so I think that puma chipset correlation is still valid gaming or not. The CM7000 is listed to include that chip so that likely could be the common demoniator(puma chip installed modems). Each game’s netcode is different. could’ve been a scenario where modern warfare possibly puts a unique aspect to ithe modem that games don’t, but hard to say. The fact that since replacing the modem with a confirmed non puma chipset resloved this issue i’ve been having for about 7 months now points to something for sure.
  2. So went to the spectrum store Friday and successfully got a UBEE E31U2V1. Since then have not had any issues since setting it up. But this is with my setup with the linksys wrt1900AC as the primary router and the XR500 i’m behind as the secondary router(with linksys having the XR500 ip address in DMZ). Played an insane amount of call of duty this whole weekend without one single crash or general disconnect from the internet. Safe to say this resolved my issue completely so far. So it had to either be the modem and/or XR500 in primary mode or a coincidence of both not liking each other but i’d put my money more on the modem with the defective puma chipset as that possibly would explain the dhcp leasing issues. This technically happened before when trying my WRT1900AC with ddwrt firmware, but thought it was the router. So I’d say likely using a non-puma chip manufactured modem ultimately resolved the issue. Such a frustrating ride, but thankful to finally get to the bottom of it! Also made a mistake regarding the netgear CM7000. I actually had a CM1000, but had these similar issues(specifically the modern warfare crashing whole internet one). So could’ve been a scenario where maybe my particular modem had the chip even though they’re not listed to have it. I had the version 1 model but they made a version 2 model so not sure what they changed(possibly the puma chip).
  3. After some further research, it also seems to be 2 of the modems i've used have this near defective and problematic puma chipset that's likely the culprit as well: Hitron E31N2V1(that I replaced like 3 times) Netgear CM700 (personally bought) Someone in this thread said that switching to a non-puma chipset modem resolved the issue specifically for the internet crashing when playing MW, but may apply to this issue overall. If any of you guys with this issue have a modem on this list, that may likely be the problem. I've yet to test it out. I spoke with spectrum to see what other modem options (rental) they have that doesn't have that puma chip and they recommended the UBEE E31U2V1 Going to try and go to the spectrum store tomorrow to get one of those and see how I fare.
  4. Whoa...So Interesting update i found out in my particular situation. So It seems that apparently, this is some issue between Modern Warfare and spectrum (My ISP) it seems: I never put the 2 together but this thread describes the exact issue i'm having and it always seemed to happen when me or my roommates who are playing Modern Warfare(Platform doesn't seem to matter but majority are xbox one x it seems which is the platform I play primarily play on but have noticed when playing on PS4Pro as well). Everyone is explaining the exact same issue I've been having for a while now. After I back out to the menu, it the internet seems to crash after roughly 2-3hrs at certain periods after I come back to the lobby. I'm in SoCal as well. Seems like it may have something to do with Spectrum interpreting Modern Warfare as a DDOS attack or something possibly. Maybe worth mentioning to some folks regarding this issue. Not quite sure if that's the case for the router as it seemed to have happened regardless(maybe someone else was playing without me knowing possibly), but I'll test this out with my current setup and let you guys know.
  5. Issue happened again last night with dhcp and server turned off on both XR500's. I went ahead and switched back to my linksys wrt1900AC as the primary router and gonna take this second one back since I doubt i'll get the beta in time before the return period closes. I was holding out to see if that would ultimately resolve. Turning off DHCP seemed to exchange one problem for another as the not being able to connect to the internet for some devices while still having the internet disconnect issue happening. Really hope 3.0 fixes this. Thanks for the help.
  6. Ok happened again right now after I was coming back to the lobby from Modern Warfare. Worked fine since last time, but I haven't been playing anything online outside of streaming which was fine. Here's the logs(Main XR500): This is from the secondary XR500(behind the first one with DMZ to this one My Xbox is behind this one with a static IP on both the router and xbox's end. I'll turn off dhcp while i'm gaming to see if it happens also with dhcp turned off on the second XR500(the ip address is static though). I recall it still happening though but will try again. Another issue that's happening to my roommate is that some devices (that I assigned a static ip via the Main XR500) won't connect even though the static ip is reserved via the router side and the static ip is set via the device side. Issue was happening with both his PC and ipad. Once I open dhcp and set to the ipad to automatic and close it connects. It was working before as well. I can say the same for my echo dot(can't assign a static IP for it). Is there any way to modify the lease times of the static IP? It seems like for some devices it's expiring it maybe? Not sure.
  7. So far since turning off dhcp and the dhcp server. 1 time, but it did do this before when dhcp was on. Like exactly after backing out to the main lobby(where you customize loadouts) is when it would seem to disconnect at certain times. haven’t gotten a chance to play more since. plan to over the weekend. Will see if it happens again.
  8. Update so it seems like turning of dhcp via wan and dhcp server via lan helps a lot, haven't gotten any intermittent drop outs since turning both dhcp and dhcp server off, but there still seems to be an issue (maybe coincidence) where when I'm playing a game online like Modern Warfare(haven't played until last night after making those adjustments) and backing out to the main menu the internet coincidentally drops out in a similar manner as well. When checking the log there's a lot of LAN remote access logs (from the ip address of the 2nd XR500 which i'm behind in my room to access the interface) and some upnp requests. Is this a known issue as well?
  9. I get nothing. The fields are blank for the ethernet adapter connected to the router. Confirmed that the ethernet card/cable works just fine. Nope turned it off since I didn't need it previously, so i know for some reason either the reset button isn't working or the OS is being stubbon on its OS and ignoring the reset. Tried both and as servers. nada for both. tried the suggested ports 2 and 3. Same deal. also just connected the duma to just the power and was trying to factory reset multple times restarting the duma. Still wouldn't factory reset.
  10. Correct turned dhcp on previously to capture the devices and add them and then I turned it off. I rebooted the modem and router and seems to be working so far though. used dhcp to capture the leased external wan ip address and then set that to static and turned dhcp server off via lan settings. That looks to be working so far since rebooting the modem and router after those changes last night. Isn't ideal of course, but i'll sure as hell take this over the sporadic complete drop outs. Curious (if DumaOS 3 doesn't resolve) if a new device tries to connect, will i be able to manually add it that way? Like will the router pick it up via the lan settings like it would if dhcp was on but just won't let it connect since it's obviously off?
  11. Been having this issue with my R1 in order to have a backup if my XR500 doesn't cut it. I'm currently not able to manually reset it or access. I believe I turned off dhcp for setting it up as a second router with more control. Also turned off wifi since I have no need for it. tried the following: -Manually rebooted by holding down the reset button for a minute for it to do nothing (did this about like 20 times to no flashing lights/Beep/ nothing) -Tried MiKrotek's recommendations for holding down the reset button as you connect the power(did this about 10 times). No dice -Tired connecting my PC and manually entering ips to try and contact the router (set my PC's IP to and Also tried http://r1 to no dice as well Anything else I can possibly try by chance?
  12. Tried this last night and to this morning, but didn't seem to work. I think it was due to just turning dhcp server off and not via wan settings. So now, I just turned both off(static ip on and turning dhcp server off) and looked to have ran into the same issue. Going to try it again another time just to be sure. rebooted both routers as well.
  13. Ok was debating doing that but was worried it would not let your devices connect at all(I assume new devices wouldn’t which is totally understandable if the ones already connected do)I’ll try that. Also signed up for the beta on netgear forums and here havent heard anything yet. Would love to provide feedback regarding this issue.
  14. For me I recall it being fine for about 48ish hrs before it started doing the same thing. (could've been a coincidence that no new devices requested a new dhcp lease during that time period I guess. But I don't have anything to lose at this point as i'm trying anything possible now as it's becoming more frequent for me. Tried the static IP thing. My method was to set it to dynamic to get the leased Ip address and then switch it to static, it seemed like it was working fine until it happened a couple times today.
  15. So another update. Issue happened about 2hrs before the ip address was supposed to reset. myself(Xbox One) and both of my roommates (PS4 and PC) were playing MW. I was on first playing for a while fine, then my (PC) roommate and (PS4)hopped on and then completely took down the internet like before. An interesting thing though that i tried(that I never did before) when checking the connection via the monitoring section is hit the renew button(assuming its essentially an Ipconfig /renew command). Connection went back up within seconds. The shortest time it ever took to come back online especially without manually rebooting the modem and router. So that may be worth exploring from a development standpoint. I’m guessing something like when the netduma isn’t getting a response maybe it can issue a renew command that would still maintain the internet connection without a noticeable issue on the front end? Additionally since I suspected that the issue is due to possibly to the XR500 assigning multiple new addresses due to the port forwarding issues. I assigned the main devices we use for gaming static IP’s for now to see if that may mitigate the issue(I want to say I did this before and it not working but I’ll try it again to be sure). Also managed to stay up for the suspected time it was going to renew the IP and it didn’t seem to change IP’s or disconnect. Claims there’s another 3hrs.
  16. It's a pure modem(what i believe is spectrum's own) E31U2V1. Before going through like 3 of these, we were using my personally bought Netgear CM1000 where we were getting this same issue. Using the other router(Linksys WRT1900AC)didn't seem to work any better either(likely the router itself as it was acting up a lot beforehand). I flashed it with custom firmware and decided to flash it back and it didn’t seem to like that too much.so I ended up swapping things back as it is better than before, so now i'm using 2 XR500s. At this point I really have no clue what specifically is going on at this point for sure now.
  17. Update. So Cable tech came and replaced the drop and modem again that Thursday, but same issue still happened shortly after. So I bought another XR500 (used from Amazon) due to pure curiosity at this point. set it up from scratch, Worked fine for a while and then same exact issue happened again after a good session playing some COD MW last night. logs looked to have indicated the same errors as before. So throwing my hands up at this point and going to use another router completely to see if it's stable in order to fully confirm that it does work fine with another router. R1 pre and post-dumaos seem to have worked fine for the most part, but it's not gigabit capable so using a Linkys Router I forgot about and see where that gets me for now.
  18. Yeah that was one aspect I suspected as well. I called their support inquiring about that, but the person I was talking to wasn't really aware of it and how to do so. They sent a refresh signal yesterday and that seemed to have helped so far. They claimed that the issue seems to be the modem from what they said. A tech is coming Thursday so going to inquire about all of that and provide an update then. For the meantime I rolled back to the hotfix firmware from this thread and it seems to be working better so far. It still disconnects temporarily it seems but it's very brief and doesn't seem to completely shutdown our whole network like it was doing before. We're still waiting on upgraded wiring for gigabit which may possibly be a culprit as well. Getting like 400-500 speeds which I'm assuming is a limitation of coaxial cable vs fiber so waiting to see if everything irons out when the tech comes this thursday basically so we know for sure where the issue is coming from.
  19. Same issue happened this morning. Had to reboot the router. Here are the logs: Seems to be due to dhcp according to the logs, but hard to say.
  20. Initially had the issue from here: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/29871-too-many-devicesswitchesaps/ Since we're upgrading the gigabit, and the R1 technically isn't capable of that we decided to switch back to the XR500 to see if maybe some of the issues may have resolved itself since then (also having a new modem as well). Currently at least from some troubleshooting and research, we seem to be getting this issue specifically. I think I kinda mentioned before in the previous thread, but it seems to not really be tied to games from what I've noticed so far. Doesn't matter the game, or if online or not it seems to disconnect the router from the internet completely for about 5 mins and then come back online. Happened this past thursday (while me(xbox) and friend(PC) were playing COD MW cross platform. But I doubt that was the cause considering the random nature of it.. so I went ahead and disabled all of QoS (included unchecking classified DumaOS). Issue happened again about an hr ago today. When checking the logs I noticed a DDos error [DoS Attack: Ascend Kill]. I would paste the logs but it was overwritten after reenabling QoS since that doesn't look to be the issue as the same issue happened. I tried turning of disable DDos protection just to see if the issue still happens. I signed up for the XR500 Beta on Netgear's forums, whenever that releases I will report back if that resolves. Router works totally fine for about 1-2 days before it completely disconnects in general so I may have misidentified the issue, or maybe it is more so due to this issue.
  21. Providing an update. Still unfortunately getting the issues. The router was starting to cause other issues also. Halving speeds and crashing. Tried a factory reset without adding a backup file to the same results. I connected directly to my modem and getting speeds I should. So I ultimately reverted back to the R1(pre-duma OS) as my primary router now with the XR500 being an access point for wifi. Getting the speeds that I should now, haven't tested the multiple users thing since it'll be a while, but i'm sure it'll be fine as it hasn't been a problem before. It's unfortunate since I paid a lot for this and it's just been causing all kinds of issues in what seems to have been the recent updates as I haven't noticed it being an issue before until recently within the last 6 months or so. I guess it could be the router itself but it's out of warranty so ig i'm SOL anyway in that regard as well. Going to just hold out until the next Duma OS update comes out and see if that hopefully resolves. Thanks for the support regarding this.
  22. Oh ok thanks. Good to know. I wasn't aware of that. I'll do some further analysis when I get home.
  23. dang I ended up just clearing them out since they didn't seem to help before getting that last part. But I basically added these : PS4 TCP: 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480. UDP: 3478-3479. Xbox Port 88 (UDP) Port 3074 (UDP and TCP) Port 53 (UDP and TCP) Port 80 (TCP) Port 500 (UDP) Port 3544 (UDP) Port 4500 (UDP) For honor said to open the same ports for PS4 as well. I didn't duplicate the ones that are within both. After removing these and changing the starting dhcp address to it looks like it put the cpus in the 50-60 range now. I'll check back in a while to update if that was the snafu.
  24. Only thing I recall changing was the IP address to and reserving 20 ip adresses by adjusting the dhcp starting pool to to reserve those 20 ip addresses for static ip addresses(with my main one being my NAS). I added the port forwarding as suggested via port triggering as well. Everything else is basic outside of QoS of which I manually added our up and down speeds. Didn't add any devices to the priority list.
  25. Ok was checking the other night and found what might be a culprit that I was unaware of until recently is that the CPU usage is really high according to the CPU graph hitting about 90 and above. Are there any processes that I'd be able to disable completely to possibly help reduce its stress? Not sure if it's consistent or maybe explains the sporadic nature of the disconnects in correlation with the CPU usage where possibly the router just needs to cool down and this is a possible factor of that. The same thing Happened Yesterday while I was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Was about 20 mins in a co-op game and it completely disconnected me from the internet, but let me connect back shortly thereafter. Didn't get a chance to verify the cpu usage at the time. I'll do some more digging and check the cpu usage to see if that was actually the issue.
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