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  1. Beck

    Apex Legends

    I checked GEO last night on my PS4, just to clarify.. It seems when you first load game and connect to their server, its based in USA (100 ping or so), this is not a game server, maybe just EA logon server or something. From then on, when connecting to a new game, it always connects me to a server located in Europe with <20 ping. I presume you could have GEO on, you may have to allow the USA (logon) server first though.
  2. Beck

    Apex Legends

    My connections always seem to be under 20 ping, but server is showing in USA (Im in England), so presume they are mis-located. Will see if I ever get a bad server but at moment, not having to use geo filter.
  3. Beck


    not sure how to do that, I have lots of allowed servers that Ive done for other games, so not sure it would be much use.
  4. Beck


    I cant play right now on PS4, but over last few days Ive been monitoring servers Ive been connecting to when playing solos on PS4. Every one is showing in USA but all (for me) had great connection with ping anything from 10 - 20. I was updating each with 100% so it remembers the good ones, there must be alot of servers as was getting a new server almost every game. Probably played around 15 games. Edit, Im in Sheffield (UK)