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  1. i did it but get the same result.thank you.
  2. i tried all posiible combinations i have 600DL 600UL and i cant reach 250DL 220UL after the upgrade.
  3. keep waiting.... like 3 years more. netduma said there are legal problems with duma OS on R1 and now they talk about final beta testing.... netduma think we are ----- to believe that stop liying to customers.
  4. just forget about this duma OS shitt, they sell the OS to another company ,we never be able to see that OS on R1 just forget about this shitt.
  5. the best thing u all guys can do is forget about this upgrade get ur R1 and play with it.i see this coming a long time ago and i just dissapear from this forum.GG all
  6. @fraser this is a screenshot and you can see the host located in USA.i noted my location ingame isn't right im located in other town all this stuff comes after light goes out one day my nat type change and all change https://postimg.org/image/lco2zdpd1/
  7. im gonna try to record it somehow and send to you maybe that could help a little more thanks for the reply Fraser when i got it im going to message you and send it bye m8 and thanks again.
  8. ID: c76c602b0966383d this server is mislocated and creating trouble a lot of time waiting for a game with strict mode uncheck please try to fix it,it is located on new york and my ping to it is 27 i live in madrid so that's impossible the problem is if i don't increase the geofilter to new york im not able to find a game quicly no matter what i do with ping assist or strict mode.server id ID C76c602b096633d location new yorkID:ID: c76c602b0966383d c76 Cc602b0966383d
  9. XBOX1 & PS4 location- Madrid- Spain.. Gamertag- NejKr0.. 120MB DL/UL
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