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  1. Okay so I'm a bit confused. Verizon gave me this router that connects to an Ethernet cord to provide internet instead of a cable that would swivel into my previous Motorola Surf modem. So, how do I go about setting this up? Right now the Netduma is providing me half of my gigabit speeds. I have it set up like this, the Ethernet that provides the internet connection is connected to the modem/router that Verizon provided, the red Ethernet cable that is provided with the netduma is connected from the first Netduma ethernet port to the second Verizon ethernet port. From there I set the DMZ host on the Verizon gateway to the netduma which has an iP shown as (replace x with a number). I'm confused because when I plug the ethernet which provides the internet connection to the netduma, I don't know what to put for the DMZ on the verizon gateway as I can't change the 192.168.1.x to 192.168.88.x. Hopefully my issue is easily understood. All of this is tested through Ethernet, I disabled WiFi on the Netduma.
  2. Okay thank you both, I'll update you on my results soon.
  3. Well the reason why I ask is because I hear that from WiFi the Netduma doesn't provide gigabit speeds. Trying to see if using another router solves this? I don't know how to set this up.
  4. I will be getting Verizon's gigabit plan soon however I would like to receive the full speeds that are offered. I'm not completely sure however from what i understand I can use another router such as the OnHub router to increase the bandwith of the Netduma yet having the Netduma features available to connected devices. I'm not sure on how to set this up.
  5. So after doing the diagnostic test it states Ping: OK Jitter: Good Spikes: Good and No Packet Loss
  6. Hello everyone, I'm tired of seeing my 75ms+ ping on RB6 PC as I have a connection with 60 down and 6 up. My ping in speedtest is 24-30ms and I have optimized Netduma router settings. I disabled iPV6 and other things that decrease network speed especially multicast snooping. So it's not an issue on the settings side of things. I was able to have RB6 on PS4 always send me to a server in North Carolina which helped me stay at 60ms or below on PS4. However, I have noticed that I have no use for the Netduma since I've transfered to PC. I'm wondering if there's a way for my to get ping assist or host filtering to work on Rainbow Six Siege. I tried to enable the PC on the GeoFilter with the Xbox Live service as I have no clue how to use the advanced option. I enabled the CoD Ultimate Profile as it worked in many FPS games on PS4 for me, and I also tried to set the home location to my state and set the geofilter to a good location yet my ping remains the same if not worse. The geofilter is in fact in effect. I just don't think ping assist is doing its job as the CoD Ultimate profile didnt result in any good results. The geolocation is not doing good so I would like to enable the CoD Ultimate profile and set the ping assist so that it connects me to a server with that ping range, but it doesn't seem to work as I join lobbies with worse ping. Looking forward to your guy's tips and guidance!
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