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  1. Just tried this now @Netduma Fraser and didn’t work. Won’t even allow my girlfriend to join my game with a ping assist value of 25 when it shows her ping is 7
  2. Yeah everything is appearing when first connecting to the game blocking servers etc, it doesn’t matter if it’s on fast search or not just wont find anyone
  3. One issue is solved now I’m having another issue 😂 my ping assist is literally not finding any games whatsoever! normally set it to 15 or so and found games easily but I’ve set it so 50 and even higher and I’m literally finding no games at all in either league play or multiplayer on black ops 4 I’m unable to find a game. if I use the normal geofilter set to any radius I’m still finding games fine? any ideas?
  4. Yeah been in constant touch with level 2 and 3 support. They have sent me multiple “custom firmwares” after I’ve sent them router logs but it is yet to be sorted
  5. My router is having intermittent issues. Was given a “custom made” firmware by netgear that worked perfectly for a few days then would have the same issue where I would have to restart my router to connect to the internet then be fine for a couple of days again
  6. Router has started playing up again! no settings have been changed still on the same firmware. exactly the same problem, every single day my routers lan stops working and I have to reboot via WiFi on the nighthawk app
  7. @Danny80916 since the reflash of the .10 firmware I haven’t had any issues that I have seen. All the beta firmwares they provided were useless for me and contained more problems than the public release firmwares!
  8. Yeah genuinely lost by it! Literally tried reflashing the newest about 10 times and it did nothing before! Every time on the system info it showed a different firmware to which was installed too!
  9. @Danny80916 I used the firmware provided by the level 2 bloke for a day and the drops got even worse than the firmware provided by Christian! They then had to reinstall the newest standard release firmware to be able to do debug logs and ever since the newest firmware was reinstalled I haven’t had a single drop/problem. Literally the problem was solved by itself for no reason.
  10. @Danny80916 yeah I’ve tried factory resetting via both the back of the router and the settings. Netgear always tell you to factory reset when you install new firmware
  11. @Danny80916 it’s all the way off mate, the problem doesn’t just happen on my PS4 it also happens on my pc also. was on the phone to netgear for 2 1/2 hours earlier and they are doing a similar thing that they have done to you. They are recording Logs on my router after using team viewer to view settings etc and forwarding to a level 3 engineer
  12. The firmware that they provided also did not work and the same problem is still happening! That’s 4 firmwares all with huge problems now! seems like netgear don’t have the slightest clue what’s going on!
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